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Active Listings

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Active Listings highlights the performance of each listing in your shop as well as areas that may need improvement to help you evaluate and further develop your listings.


Use this feature to view the last time each of your listings was updated, the number of views each listing has had, their Visibility Scores, and more. This information will help you identify your best and worst-performing listings and give you access to tools that will help you investigate further and edit as needed.

How to Use

In the Main Menu, click Listings and then Active Listings.

Use the list of your shop’s listings to view the following information:

●  Listing Title: the title of your listing (along with its listing ID number in parentheses)

●  SKU: a unique ID that you can add to each listing to help manage and keep track of your stock

●  Last Updated: the date the listing was last modified, sold or renewed

●  Expiry Date: the date the listing will expire

●  SEO Tips: eRank’s tips for improving your listing. Click the link to open the Listing Audit feature, where you can view eRank’s tips as well as perform a comprehensive audit of that listing

Learn more about Listing Audit here

●  Age (Days): the number of days since the listing was created

●  Visibility Score: a measurement of how well your listing’s daily views compare to listings from thousands of other Etsy shops

●  Total Views: the number of views this listing has had since it was originally published on Etsy

●  Tag Count: the number of tags this listing has. Etsy recommends that you utilize all 13 available tags. If a listing has fewer than 13 tags, the number will be highlighted in red

●  Image Count: the number of images this listing has. Etsy recommends that you utilize all 10 available images. If a listing has fewer than 10 images, the number will be highlighted in red

Sort your data using the small gray arrows at the top of each column.

Use the Filter field in the blue bar to filter specific listings. If your shop has multiple sections, use the dropdown menu to the right to filter specific sections of listings. Click the orange Export button to export or print the list for future reference.

Click any listing title or the orange Listing Audit button below to perform a Listing Audit.

Click View on Etsy to view that listing on Etsy.

Click Edit on Etsy to edit that listing on Etsy.

If you have a Google Analytics account connected to your shop, click the orange Traffic Stats button to open the Traffic Stats feature, where you can view which keywords are bringing traffic to your Etsy shop.

How to Set Up Google Analytics for your Etsy Shop

Click the Track Changes button to start tracking any changes to its title, tags, price, quantity available, total views, and total favorites.

Click the orange Show Changes button on any tracked listing to view its daily changes since you started monitoring it.

Learn more about Listing Changes here

Click the Stop Tracking button on any tracked listing if you wish to stop monitoring it.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members. Free members can use this feature to view their top 100 active listings, Basic members can view their top 200 active listings, and Pro members can view their top 4,000 active listings. Please note that Free members are not able to use the Export function and can only view limited data.