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Quick Summary

This tool helps you identify the most popular and relevant categories for your listing. Etsy recommends that adding more specific categories will give you more opportunities to match with a buyer’s search.


Finding the most suitable categories better explains to Etsy what your listings are, further optimizing them for Etsy search.

How to Use

Access the Category Tool from the main menu under Tools > Other Tools > Category Tool. Enter a brief, specific, accurate description of your item, or try its most important “superstar” keyword phrases, especially if any have proven successful in drawing shoppers to your listings in the past. Click the orange Lookup button and eRank will analyze the top 100 listings found for the keywords or phrase you entered.

You will see the most popular categories and sub-categories based on the terms you chose. For research, try entering other descriptive phrases that fit your listing to see if they yield other results you might consider for A/B testing.

Still have questions about Categories? Read the Etsy Seller Handbook article about categories here: Now It’s Easier to Add Categories to Your Listings, Helping You Get Found

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members.