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Quick Summary

Using this tool, you can compare up to four keywords at once to gather insight on both Etsy and Google regarding competition, search volume, clicks, click through rates (CTR), and more.


Evaluating keywords as a batch, you can compare their Google and Etsy stats for a range of metrics. Seeing them plotted on 12-month line graphs and 15-month bar charts helps you identify trends over time for each keyword so that you can pick the best one to test just as its popularity is rising.

How to Use

Access the Compare Keywords tool from the main menu under Tools > Keyword Tools > Compare Keywords. Once on the page, enter either a single word or phrase in each of the text boxes, then click the orange Compare button.

Now you’ll see a line chart for the past 12 months. Provided that each keyword or phrase you entered has adequate search volume, each search term will have its own line and color. Interactive check boxes (top left of chart) allow you to display or remove any line from the display. Hover over any point in the graph to view that keyword’s number of searches on any given date over the past year. Be sure to also account for predictable seasonality: periods when that search term may be on the rise due to an upcoming season or holiday.

Below the graph you’ll see additional data to compare – whether the keyword or phrase is “long tail”, and how it ranks in Etsy searches, competition, clicks, CTR, and trend levels, as well as Google Searches, Competition, and Google CPC (advertising “Cost Per Click” — a handy reference offering insight into how Google gauges its worthiness).

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members.