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Quick Summary

Use this tool to compare up to four Etsy listings (yours and/or anyone’s) head-to-head on nine different stats including price, tags, daily views, Hearts, listing age, and quantities available.


Side-by-side comparisons help you identify differences between well-performing and poorly-performing listings.

How to Use

To access the Compare Listings tool, choose Listings > Compare Listings from the Main Menu. Next, you’ll need to gather your listing ID numbers. You can do this two ways. If you are comparing your own listings, just open a new eRank tab in your browser, and find your listing ID numbers under Listings > Active Listings, and copy them from there. Or if you are comparing your listings with those of another shop’s,  you can pull them from each of their Etsy pages.

Open a new browser tab on Etsy, then on each Etsy listing’s page, copy just the 9-digit listing ID from the URL (in the example below, the numbers are shown in bold, and in the screenshot, it is circled in red).


Go back to eRank’s Compare Listings tool and paste the Etsy listing ID number into one of the Listing ID fields (make sure there are no spaces before or after the numbers and no other characters). Repeat that process for up to four listings, then click the Compare button. You will see each listing’s thumbnail, captioned with its title, price, and shop name.

Easily compare each item’s Price, Daily Views, Total Views, Listing Age, Total Hearts, Quantity Available, and Processing Time. Beneath these, the next section shows the category and sub-categories entered for each listing, followed by the Tag section displaying each listing’s current tags.

In the Tags section you can hover over each tag to see its competitiveness. Clicking on any tag will move you to the Keyword Tool where you can do an in-depth analysis of that keyword. Then, just click your browser’s Back button to return to your page of Compare Listings data.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members.