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Compare Listings

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Use Compare Listings to compare various statistics of up to four Etsy listings.


Doing a side-by-side comparison helps you identify differences between well-performing and poorly-performing listings.

How to Use

In the Main Menu, select Listings and then Compare Listings.

Type up to 4 Listing URLs or Listing IDs (the number to the right of in any listing URL) into the blue bar


Use the dropdown menu below to choose which country you would like to view data from.

Then, click the orange Compare button to compare the stats of your chosen listings.

Free members can use this feature up to 25 times a day, Basic members can use this feature up to 50 times a day, Pro members can use this feature up to 200 times a day, and Expert members can use this feature up to 500 times a day.

Use this section to view each listing’s main image, title, price, and the name of the shop that sells it. 

Click the orange Listing Audit button to open the Listing Audit feature, where you can view eRank’s tips as well as perform a comprehensive audit of that listing.

Learn more about Listing Audit here

Click the white See on Etsy button to view that listing on Etsy. 

You can also view the following stats for comparison: 

Daily views
Total views
Listing age
Total hearts
Quantity available
Processing time
Image count
Estimated Sales
Estimated Revenue
Estimated Conversion Rate

Use the 3 sections at the bottom of the page to view more stats that may be helpful when evaluating your listings. 


View the date each listing was created, as well as the date it was last modified and the date it expires.


View all of the categories and subcategories selected for each listing.


View all of the tags for each listing. Click any tag to open the Keyword Tool and learn about that particular keyword’s average searches, average clicks, Etsy competition, and more.

Learn more about Keyword Tool here

The tags are color-coded as follows:

Green: competition with this tag on Etsy is very low

Yellow: competition with this tag on Etsy is low

Orange: competition with this tag on Etsy is high

Red: competition with this tag on Etsy is very high

Click Copy Tags to copy the listing’s tags to your clipboard.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members.