Competitor Listings

Competitor Listings

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Quick Summary

This report allows you to analyze any Etsy shop’s recently-updated listings for insight into thumbnails, pricing, tags, views, and processing time.


Deep dive into any shop: see their titles and tags, filter by keywords, sort by prices or processing times. Click on any title to generate a separate Listing Audit report. Analyzing their data can help you see how optimized their listings are, how compelling their images may be, and may provide insight into how you can improve your own listings.

How to Use

Select from the Main Menu under Competition > Your Competition > Listings. Next, you can either use the “Enter shop name” field to type in any Etsy shop name, then click the orange “Analyze Shop Listings” button. Or, to the right, you can use the “Select a shop” drop-down to choose one of your tracked competitors, then click the Go button.

Once the data appears, you’ll see this shop’s listings: thumbnails, titles, views, tags, prices, number of images, and processing times. Tip: Clicking on any listing’s title will take you to a Listing Audit report page for that listing, showing Listing Stats, Tag Analyses, what Category and Attributes were selected — everything you see on your own Listing Audit reports. When you are finished there, hit your browser’s back arrow to return to the main Competitor Listings report. There, all but the thumbnail columns can be sorted, and you can copy, print, save, or export the data via the data-export buttons. Use the Filter text box to view listings that have just the word(s) you type in. When finished analyzing your filtered data, clear the Filter box to restore the default view.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to eRank paying members only.