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Quick Summary

This report analyzes any Etsy shop’s tags, sampled from up to 100 of their most-recently updated listings. It will show the search volume, clicks, click through rate (CTR), and competition for the keywords used in each tag.


On one page, you can see hundreds of tags across up to 100 listings from any Etsy shop you choose. This helps visualize the quality of their tags, if they have a good spread of competitive levels, and whether individual tags are over- or underutilized. With options to save, print or export data, get actionable SEO insights for optimizing your shop and listings. 

How to Use

Select from the Main Menu under Competition > Your Competition > Tags. Once on that page, use the Enter shop name field to type in any Etsy shop name, then click the orange Analyze Shop Listings button. Or, to the right, you can select one of your tracked competitors from the Select a shop drop-down list, then click the Go button.

Listings Sampled: this is the percentage of this shop’s listings sampled for this report. Note that if the shop has fewer than 100 active listings, this figure will be always be 100%. For shops with more than 100 active listings, eRank will draw its sample from the 100 most-recently updated listings, and show here both what percent of their listings was sampled, alongside their current listings total.

Different tags used: this is the number of unique tags eRank found in the listings that were sampled.

For each tag that is found in the shop’s listings, eRank will display the following information:

Tag Occurrences: the number of times we found that tag in the top 100 listings that were analyzed.

Average Searches (US): the average monthly searches the keyword has had over the past 12 months.

Average Clicks (US): the average monthly clicks the keyword has had over the last three months.

Average CTR (US): the average monthly click-through rate (CTR) the keyword has had over the past 12 months.

Competition: this shows you how many other listings can be found in search results for the keyword you specified.

Search Trend: this graph shows you how the popularity of the keyword has changed over the past 15 months.

Google Searches: the estimated number of searches on Google each month.

Google Competition: the estimated competition level for advertisers bidding on this keyword. This is a range of 0 – 1.0.

Google CPC: the estimated CPC (cost per click) being paid by advertisers who are bidding on this keyword.

You can sorting by any of the columns by clicking on the column heading. You can use the Filter text box to search for a word or phrase. Once you have analyzed your data, you can save, print, or download as CSV, Excel, or PDF. Clear the Filter text box to restore the default view. Clicking on any keyword or phrase in the Tag column will open a new tab in your browser and move you to the Keyword Tool where you can explore the statistics for this specific tag.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to eRank paying members only.