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Your Dashboard highlights opportunities to improve your Etsy shop, with statistics on keyword trends, your listings, sales, and your competitors.


This feature provides an overview of your Etsy shop, identifies areas to improve, and gives you quick access to tools and reports that will help you revise. The sidebar on the right keeps you updated on eRank’s blog posts, trending keywords, upcoming postal holidays, and more.

How to Use

Think of the Dashboard as your homepage on eRank. You will be directed there immediately after login. 

Click the eRank logo in the top left corner at any time to return to your dashboard.

Click the orange Refresh Data button at any time for eRank to scan your shop and refresh your shop’s data displayed on the dashboard.  For the most up-to-date stats, we recommend that you refresh your data each time you log in.

If you have multiple Etsy shops, you can connect them to eRank at no additional charge. Click your shop’s icon in the top right corner and then click Connect Another Shop in the dropdown menu

However, please note that there is a limit to how many Etsy shops you can connect to your eRank account. Free members can connect a maximum of 2 shops, Basic members can connect a maximum of 5 shops, Pro members can connect a maximum of 10 shops, and Expert members can connect a maximum of 100 shops.

Connect your shop(s) here

Sales and Global Sales Rank

Your Sales section displays the number of sales that your shop has had since it opened.

Your Global Sales Rank section displays your shop’s rank based on the number of sales it has had since it opened. Click the link to open our Top Sellers tool and view more information pertaining to your shop and where it ranks.

Learn more about Top Sellers here

Your Listings

This section provides a high-level statistical overview of your listings. Use this section to view the following information:

  • Active listings: the number of active listings currently in your shop
  • Spotted on Etsy: the number of your listings eRank found on Etsy during keyword searches in the last 24 hours
  • Inventory Value: the total estimated value of your Etsy stock based on your listing price and the quantity available
  • Missing Tags: the number of listings that do not use all 13 tags
  • Missing Images: the number of listings that have fewer than 5 images
  • Missing Attributes: the number of listings that do not have product attributes
  • One-Word Tags: the number of one-word tags in your shop. We recommend using multi-word phrases instead of single words to reach your target audience. For example, ‘custom bracelet’ is stronger than ‘custom’ and ‘bracelet’ and frees up another tag for you to use
  • Unique Tags Used: the number of unique tags used in all the listings in your shop

Each section is color-coded in one of the following:

  • Green: good
  • Yellow: may need improvement
  • Red: needs improvement

Click on any section’s title to open a related tool that will help you further assess that particular listing statistic.

Traffic Stats

Use this section to view the top 5 keywords shoppers have used to find your listings, as well as your shop’s top 5 traffic sources. In the middle, view your shop’s traffic sources by country. Click See More to open the Traffic Stats tool and view more keywords that are bringing traffic to your listings. 

Learn more about Traffic Stats here

Sales Comparison

Use this section to compare your daily sales to the daily sales of other shops you choose to follow using our Competitor Sales tool. This tool is great for tracking competitors and seeing how busy your shop is compared to theirs. 

Learn more about Competitor Sales here

Listing Change Tracker

Use this section to monitor changes to your tracked listings. Click any listing title to open the Listing Changes tool, where you can choose which listings you would like to track. Click Edit Listings to open the Active Listings tool, where you can view and edit your active listings.

Learn more about Listing Changes here

Learn more about Active Listings here

Marketplace Popularity

Use this section to view the relative size of each marketplace in terms of unique visitors. This data is based on unique visitors to each site over the past 30 days. Choose the country that you would like to view data from at the top of the section. Click any marketplace to open our Site Info tool and learn about its trending keywords, traffic sources, and more. Click See All Marketplaces to open the Marketplace Popularity tool and view the full list of sites.

Learn more about Marketplace Popularity here

Learn more about Site Info here

Spotted on Etsy

Use this section to view listings from your shop that eRank found on the top two pages on Etsy search results, as well as the keywords that shoppers used to find them. Click any keyword to open the Keyword Tool, where you can view a detailed analysis of that particular term or phrase. Click See All Spotted Listings to open Spotted on Etsy, where you can view all of your spotted listings. 

Learn more about Keyword Tool here

Learn more about Spotted on Etsy here

Superstar Keywords

Use this section to view your Superstar Keywords along with their 15-month search trend graphs and average number of searches per month. Click Edit Keywords to open the Monitor tool, where you can edit your Superstar Keywords and see where your listings appear in search results for those particular terms. 

Learn more about Monitor here

Most Sales on Etsy

Use this section to view the shops that had the most sales on Etsy yesterday. Click any shop name or Top 100 Etsy Shops to open the Top Sellers tool to view more information pertaining to that shop and other top-ranking shops.

Right Side Bar

Buyer Check

Type any buyer’s Etsy username into the field in the dark blue box and click the orange Submit button to review the feedback the buyer has left for sellers they have purchased items from in the past.

eRank News

Use this section to stay up to date on the latest blog posts from eRank experts and get the most out of Etsy and eRank.

Use this section to see which keywords shoppers in various countries have been searching for on Etsy this past week. Choose from 6 different countries at the top of the section. Click any keyword to open the Keyword Tool, where you can view a detailed analysis of that particular term or phrase.

Search Etsy Announcements

Use this section to search official Etsy announcements, help articles, press releases, and the seller handbook. Sort your search results by Relevance or Date.

Upcoming Events

Use this section to view upcoming holidays from around the world. Click View Full Calendar to open the Calendar tool and view holidays by month. This tool also provides the top 100 keywords for the displayed month from the previous year.

Learn more about Calendar here

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members. However, please note that Free members are only able to view limited data on their dashboard.

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