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Delivery Status

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Quick Summary

An overview of all your recent Etsy shipments, in a report you can customize as needed to see data for today, yesterday, the past seven days, this month, last month, or for any range you choose from this month and last  — all of it sortable by Date, City, State, Country, Value, Carrier, and Class.


This report lets you monitor at a glance which shipments are delivered and which are still in transit. Featuring clickable links that take you to the Etsy order page or straight to the carrier’s, you can proactively verify, troubleshoot, then update your customer regarding carrier delays (and thereby garner more of those 5-star reviews).

How to Use

You can access this report from the main menu under Shop > Delivery Status. The default view is for the last 30 days of shipments.

You can customize that by clicking in the Enter Date Range field (outlined in red above) to be shown, on the left, options for Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, This Month, and Last Month. If you have had orders in both the past two months, when you click in the “Enter Date Range” field, a two-month calendar will pop up. You can use this to further customize your view. On the calendar, choose a “start” day and an “end” day, then click the blue Apply button in the bottom right corner of the two-month pop-up. (Note: both a start and end day must be selected for the Apply button to function.)

Need the delivery details for a specific order? Locate it using the City or State column and then, in the Status column, click the button showing either Transit, Pre Transit or Delivered. Clicking on Delivered will open a new tab in your browser, taking you straight to that carrier’s tracking page, with all the details regarding where and when the package arrived. Clicking either Transit or Pre Transit will move you to that order in your Etsy shop (if you are logged in), where you can click on that order’s tracking number, and from there be moved to the carrier’s page detailing that order, where you can request update emails or texts be transmitted to you and/or your customer.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all paid-plan eRank members.