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The Health Check report shows you which of your listings are missing tags, images, and/or attributes (examples of attributes: size, color, and material). It also lets you know which listings contain spelling issues and one-word tags.

Utilizing all of a listing’s tags, images, and attributes helps it appear in shoppers’ searches more frequently.

Making sure that your listings are free of spelling issues and one-word tags can also help drive more traffic to your shop.


Use this feature to find listings in your shop that may need some additional work to maximize their SEO. Take a deeper dive into any item in the report via the “Listing Audit” button and revise as needed via the “Edit on Etsy” button.

To potentially increase your listings’ chances of being found in search, we recommend using all 13 tags for each and making sure that each tag is spelled correctly. Using all 10 images and all of the attributes assigned to your listings to portray and describe your items can also attract more potential buyers.

We also recommend using multi-word tags whenever possible. For example, a multi-word phrase like “opal ring” is stronger than “opal” and “ring” entered as two separate tags because it targets a more specific group of shoppers.

Click here to learn more about keyword basics on Etsy

How to Use

In the Main Menu, select “Listings” and then “Health Check.”

Free members can view their top 100 active listings, Basic members can view their top 200 active listings, Pro members can view their top 4000 active listings, and Expert members can view their top 5000 active listings.

To the right of each item in the report is a checklist. Each column of the list displays a key component of your listing’s SEO. If there are no issues with a particular component for a listing, the report will display a green checkmark.

Sort your data using the small gray arrows at the top of each column.

Use the “Filter…” field in the blue bar to filter specific listings.

Click the “Listing Audit” button, title, or ID on any listing to run an in-depth analysis of its images, tags, description, and more. This feature shows you how well your listing complies with the guidelines found in Etsy’s The Ultimate Guide to Etsy Search and Google Search Essentials.

Click “Edit on Etsy” to edit that listing on Etsy.

Who Can Use This?

This tool is available to all eRank members.