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Quick Summary

Discover what buyers are searching for, when they search for it, and where they search for it.


Keyword Explorer helps you to discover new growth opportunities for your e-commerce business. This tool has the keywords actual shoppers are using to search, along with data eRank gathers to show which marketplaces have the most searches for each keyword. See two-year line graphs showing what time of year products are most popular  – and whether they’re still in demand now. Use the Related Searches chart to find similar keywords, each with their own trend-, click-, and competition data for both Etsy and Google.

How to Use

Select from the Main Menu under Tools > Keyword Explorer, then enter a keyword and click the search button. Tip: it’s best to start with a broad keyword, (eg opal ring) to get the most results. eRank will show you related keywords and statistics for Etsy.

Summary section

Here you will see high-level keyword stats for Etsy:

Avg. Searches: the estimated average monthly searches on Etsy. The average is based on search volume over the past 12 months.

Competition: the number of listings that we found on Etsy.

Avg. Clicks: this is the estimated number of listings that were clicked on after a person searched for the keyword.

CTR (Click Through Rate): this is the percentage of searches that resulted in a person clicking on one or more listings. If the CTR is over 100%, that means that on average, every searcher is clicking on more than one listing each time they search for that keyword.

Clicks are a useful metric for gauging how interested buyers are in the listings that they are shown on Etsy. In cases where there is very low search volume, we may not have enough data to provide an accurate clicks estimate and you will see “N/A” for that metric. Keywords with high clicks or CTR’s tell us that buyers are interested in the search results that they are seeing; these keywords may generate more views and sales.

Search Trend

The Search Trend graph shows you how the popularity of a keyword changes over time on Etsy.

Understanding how the popularity of a keyword fluctuates is important. From a planning perspective, you can use this trend information to maximize sales to early-, peak-, and last-minute shoppers.

Note: in cases where there is not enough data to meet the minimum thresholds to provide an accurate estimate, eRank won’t be able to supply search volume data. This is common for some niche products and long-tail keywords. Try entering a keyword that is more broad.

Market Share (all paying members)

Knowing which is the right marketplace to sell your product is vital. You can waste hours of work (and ad spend) marketing your product on a platform where there are few people shopping for it. The Market Share section shows you which marketplace has the most shoppers searching with the keyword you entered. Use this feature to discover where buyers are most likely to be looking for products like yours.

The Market Share chart shows you how many monthly searches are performed on average across Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Pinterest, and Google Shopping. The average is based on how many times the keyword was used to search on each marketplace over the past 12 months.

The popularity of keywords can vary remarkably on each marketplace. The Market Trends graph shows the past 15 months of data to help you anticipate when keywords are most popular across each of the marketplaces eRank tracks.

Note: here too in cases where there is not enough data to meet the minimum thresholds to provide an accurate estimate, eRank will be unable to provide you with search volume estimates. Again, this is common for niche products and long-tail keywords. 

The Related Searches chart can help you find better-trending keywords, synonyms, and relevant long-tail keywords for your product’s title, tags, and descriptions. The keyword ideas you get from this section are all based on what real buyers have been searching for on Etsy both recently and over the past couple of years.

So that you view only what matters to you, eRank allows you to customize which columns you see in the Related Searches chart. Use the Customize Columns button to choose the columns you want in the report, then click the Update Columns button. Thereafter, only your chosen columns of data will appear until you opt to use the same procedure to change them and click the Update Columns button again.

Related Searches column headings

Keywords: search terms, words, and synonyms associated with the keyword you entered.

Search Trend: also known as “trend graphs,” these useful little charts show how the popularity of the keyword has changed over the past 15 months (and whether it is still trending). Hover over any bar for a pop-up with the search count for that month.

Character Count: useful for determining whether the keyword will fit into one Etsy tag.

Average Searches (US): the average monthly searches the keyword has had over the past 12 months.

Average Clicks (US): the average monthly clicks the keyword has had over the past 12 months.

Average CTR (US): the average monthly click-through rate (CTR) the keyword has had over the past 12 months.

Competition: this shows you how many other Etsy listings can be found in search results for the keyword you specified.

Google Shopping Searches: the average monthly searches the keyword has had on Google Shopping over the past 12 months.

Google Searches: the estimated number of searches on Google each month.

Google Competition: the estimated competition level for advertisers bidding on this keyword. This is a range of 0 – 1, with 0 indicating no competition, and 1 indicating high competition. Here, high competition is a good indicator of “purchase intent.”

Google CPC: the estimated CPC (cost per click) being paid by advertisers who are bidding on this keyword.

Long Tail Keyword: a simple indicator to help you identify potential long tail keywords.

SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Analysis: (Etsy only) this link will show you a report that analyzes the top 100 search results on Etsy for the keyword specified. This report will show you the most popular tags, pricing, and other information from the most popular listings on Etsy.

Note: It’s important to point out that the keywords shown in the Related Searches section appear as they are typed into Etsy by users. They may include terms that are trademarked. Please consult the USPTO database.

About the data

Etsy and other marketplaces do not disclose their keyword search and click volumes. We get our data from leading third-party data analytics companies that are trusted and used by many Fortune 500 companies. To ensure the highest possible accuracy, the search volume, click, and click-through rates are based on the search behavior of millions of opt-in panelists. While great effort goes into making sure these numbers are as accurate as possible, they should be considered estimates. The numbers reported here may differ from what other companies provide due to different data collection methodologies and data providers.

Who Can Use This?

All members have access to this feature. Free-plan members can look up 5 search terms per day; Basic members can look up 25 per day. PRO members can look up 200 per day.