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Keyword Lists

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Quick Summary

This feature allows you to save and group keywords alongside their latest search data. You can create up to 50 lists with up to 50 keywords each, and color-code, sort, add and save notes.


Save search terms found in your keyword research and group them together in easily accessible lists; compare the search data at a glance; make notes; add color codes if you like, and with the Listing Builder, compose the title and tags on the virtual clipboard ready to copy to your Etsy listing.

How to use 

Accessing Keyword Lists

From the Main Menu under Tools > Keyword Lists, or use the Keyword Lists shortcut button found at the top of all pages on eRank.

Creating Keyword Lists

eRank PRO members can start creating keyword lists immediately by clicking on any grey stars that appear in the Keyword Explorer, Keyword Tool, Listing Audit and other pages on eRank that contain keywords and tags.

Managing Keyword Lists

The dark blue button floating in the bottom left of Keyword Explorer, Listing Audits, and other pages is the easiest way to manage your keyword lists. This button will tell you which list you are sending keywords to, but you can expand this button into a popup window to perform other tasks.

Clicking on the blue button you will open up the Keyword List popup window, where you can switch between any keyword lists you have created, view all the keywords in your current list, create new lists, and edit existing lists.

Editing Keyword Lists

Clicking on the orange “Edit Lists” button in the popup will take you to the Keyword Lists section on eRank. Here you can see an overview of your keyword lists with some high-level data related to the lists.

You can click on the grey circles under the Flags column to assign a color of your choice to help you group lists.

Click on the pencil to change the name.

Viewing Keyword Lists

Click on any of the Keyword List names to be taken to a detailed view of that keyword list.

Once you have opened a keyword list, you will see trend, competition, search and click information about each keyword. This will help you easily compare your favorite keywords. Note that every time you retrieve any of your Keyword Lists, eRank automatically refreshes the columns with the most current data available for each keyword.

Managing Keywords in a List

Each keyword in a list can be color-coded and annotated. You can add a color code by clicking on the circle under the flags column:

Additionally, you can add optional notes next to each keyword too. Great for little reminders!

Listing Builder

The Listing Builder is a handy feature for creating titles and tags for new Etsy listings.

This feature can help you become more efficient at building new listings. Clicking the orange “Add” buttons under the Listing Builder column will automatically add those keywords to the tags section in the Listing Builder.

Once you are happy with your title and tags, you can click the copy icon to copy them to your clipboard and then paste them directly into your Etsy listing.

Bulk Adding Keywords

In the top left of the table you will see “Add Keywords” – this lets you type in keywords to add to this list.

Use a comma to separate each word and quickly add up to 50 words to your list.

Filtering Keywords in a List

The Filter box to search for a particular keyword (you can have up to 50 per list). This allows you to quickly narrow down the keywords to just ones you are interested in seeing.

Switching Marketplaces

By default, eRank will show stats for the Etsy marketplace. If you are doing keyword research for other marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Pinterest, or Google Shopping, you can view stats for that marketplace by changing the default view in the “Marketplace” dropdown menu.

Other Bulk Operations

Toward the right, you’ll see two orange buttons labeled “Find My Listings” and “Bulk Rank Checker.” These time-saving buttons will take you to other sections within eRank and perform operations based on the keywords that are in the current list.

“Find My Listings” searches your active listings on Etsy and identifies if you are using any of this list’s keywords in your titles or tags.

“Bulk Rank Checker” checks all of the keywords in this list to see if any of your listings on Etsy are ranking in search for those keywords.

Customizing Columns

You can add or remove columns that are showing in the Keyword Lists section. Click the settings icon to select which columns to see.

Who can use this

This feature is available to eRank paying members only.