Listing Categories

Listing Categories

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Quick Summary

This report shows you at a glance all of the categories and subcategories you selected when listing each of your items.


Using all of the categories and subcategories that are relevant to each listing better explains to Etsy what your listing is, so that it is found in as many searches as possible.

How to Use

Access the Categories report from the Main Menu under Listings > Categories.

Here you’ll see your listing’s main image, listing title, listing ID, SKU (if you’ve entered one), and categories. The “Last updated” field in the top left shows you when the information for this report was last gathered. If it is not a current date, simply click the orange “Refresh Data” button next to the “Last updated” field to update your data. Below it, you can use the Filter box to enter a word or phrase to find listings with that text in the listing title, allowing you to work on a group of listings, or to compare a group of listings to make sure you’re using all the category and subcategory choices available. To once again see all your listings, simply clear the text from the Filter box.

You can sort by Listing Title, Listing ID, SKU, or by Categories to organize and view your data by column. Beneath each listing’s title, you will see a range of options: the “Listing Audit” and “Edit on Etsy” buttons. Clicking any of these will move you directly to that eRank tool or page on Etsy. Paid-plan members will also see options — Track Changes, Show Changes or Stop Tracking — for any listings they are interested in monitoring whether changes they’ve made affect the listing’s performance.

Just above Categories on the far right, paid-plan members will see a range of buttons to copy, print, or download their results as CSV, Excel, or PDF files. 

Who Can Use This?

This report is available to all eRank members, although the data-download options and track-changes feature are reserved for paid-plan members.