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Listing Changes

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Listing Changes takes daily snapshots of your active listings and records changes to your listings’ titles, tags, price, quantity available, total views, and total favorites.


Use this feature to see changes you have made to a listing’s titles and tags and determine whether or not they are increasing the listing’s views, favorites, or sales.

How to Use

Tracking Listing Changes

In the Main Menu, select Listings and then Changes.

Free members can view their top 100 active listings, Basic members can view their top 200 active listings, Pro members can view their top 4000 active listings, and Expert members can view their top 5000 active listings.

Here, you can view each listing’s Main Image, Title, and SKU (if it has one). A SKU is a unique ID you add to your listings to help manage and keep track of your stock.

Click the Track Changes button on any listing to start tracking any changes to its title, tags, price, quantity available, total views, and total favorites.

Use the blue search bar to filter your listings and the checkbox next to it to display your tracked listings.

If you have any inactive tracked listings, they will display as “Unavailable” underneath your active tracked listings. However, you can still view changes made to those listings while they were active.

If you are a Basic memberPro member, or Expert member, click the orange Export button to export or print the list for future reference.

Viewing Listing Changes

Click the orange Show Changes button on any tracked listing to view its daily changes since you started monitoring it.

Click the Stop Tracking button on any tracked listing if you wish to stop monitoring it.

Click Edit on Etsy to edit that listing on Etsy.

eRank takes a snapshot of each tracked listing’s stats every 24 hours, between midnight and 2AM EST.

Please note that if you make several changes over the course of a day, the snapshot will only capture the latest changes made during the previous 24 hours.

Changes to your title and tags will display as green highlighted text for new terms and red highlighted text with strike-through characters for deleted terms.

Changes to Quantity Available, Total Views, and Total Favorites are displayed in green (positive) numbers and red (negative) numbers.

Please note that it may take several days for your listing changes to be recognized by Etsy.

In addition, please note that some Etsy shoppers add items to their Favorites as a method of bookmarking a future purchase and then remove it post-purchase, so you may see a listing’s Total Favorites decrease over time as customers buy the item.

 If you are tracking your maximum number of listings and attempt to track more, you will get a pop-up message preventing you from doing so.

If you choose to stop tracking a listing, you will lose all of the data eRank has collected for it.

If you are a Basic member, Pro member, or Expert member, click the orange Export button on your listing’s changes page to save your data. 

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members. Free members can track one listing, while Basic members and Pro members can track up to 20 listings. Expert members can track up to 50 listings.

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