Listings Details

Listings Details

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Quick Summary

A high-level overview of your active listings with thumbnails and drill-down analysis of their stats. 


All on one page, you have an executive summary of your items. Filter and sort columns of data based on information you need to see now: Listing Title, ID, SKU, Tag Count, Image Count, Creation Date, Last Updated, Total Views, Daily Views, Total Hearts, Hearts per View, and Price — all of which you can download, copy, print, or export to save as PDFs, Excel, or CSV files, as you wish.

How to Use

Access on the Main Menu under Listings > Details, or click the Details tab in the Available Reports area when you are on any of the Listings report pages. 

Once in the Details report, sorting your data is easy. Simply click on any column heading. Click once to sort by that column, and click again if you want to reverse that column’s sort direction.

Not sure what data is included in that column? Simply hover over the  “?” tooltip icon for a brief description.

You can also use the Filter box to display only listings containing words that you choose. Once you are finished, deleting the text you entered in the Filter field will return you to the display of all of your listings.

For quick access, employ the buttons found beneath each listing’s title: Listing Audit, Edit on Etsy, Track Changes, Show Changes, Stop Tracking. For instance, want to do an in-depth analysis of a particular listing? Clicking the orange Listing Audit button will move you to a page where you’ll have access to all its SEO-related details. When done, just click the back arrow on your browser to return to the Details report.

Note the data-export buttons (opposite the Filter text box, top right, just above the date fields) to save, print, or download any data set you’d like. 

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members.