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Quick Summary

Handy list of links to all of your active listings on Etsy.


The Links report allows you to save, copy, and/or download the Etsy links to all of your active listings, all automatically preformatted to include your shop name, which ensures that the link will lead back to your item and your shop rather than to some other Etsy page. You can create a PDF with all of your listing links, and easily copy and paste them when needed. You can also use the Filter to display only listings with specific words. You can sort by Listing Title, ID, SKU, or URL. Organize your Etsy URL links however you’d like for quick access, ready to use.

How to Use

Select from the Listings > Links Main Menu, or click the Links tab in the Available Reports area when you are on any of the Listings report pages. In the Links report you can check the Last-updated time stamp to make sure any recent changes you have made in your Etsy shop are included. If you need to update your data, click the Refresh Data button next to the time stamp.

Use the Filter text box to quickly find specific single or multiple words contained in your titles. You can also use the data-export buttons (located on the right above the Listing URL column) to save your filtered results for future use. Once you are finished with that sorted data, just clear the Filter text box to see all of your listings again.

If you are pressed for time and you’ve got eRank open, you can also copy and paste right from your Links page. Find the listing URL (on the right), highlight it, right-click, and choose Copy. You can also right-click on a listing URL, and then choose Copy Link Location. Now you’re ready to paste it wherever you need it.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members.