One-Word Tags

One-Word Tags

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Quick Summary

This report shows you any listings that have single-word tags. A multi-word phrase like “opal ring” is stronger than “opal” and “ring” entered as two separate tags, and frees up a tag for you to use.


By finding your single-word tags for you, this report saves you time. Its on-page features offer the tools you need to replace them with relevant multi-word phrases, helping you implement Etsy’s search best practices (from Etsy’s Seller Handbook, Keywords 101: Everything You Need to Know). And for every two tags you merge into one, you gain an extra tag, further enhancing your listing’s chances to be found.

How to Use

On the Main Menu under Listings > One-Word Tags, or click the One-Word Tags tab in the Available Reports area when you are on any of the Listings report pages. Once on the One-Word Tags page, the column on the far right displays any single-word tags that appear in your listings.

From here, you can access the Keyword Tool (upper left, just under the main menu), or click the orange Listing Audit button (located under each listing’s title) for a deeper analysis, or use the blue Edit on Etsy button to go straight to your Etsy shop to make the changes. If you do make changes to your listing in your Etsy shop, be sure to return to eRank and click the Refresh Data button so eRank can update your data.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members.