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Profit Calculator

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Quick Summary

Use this tool to calculate the estimated cost of creating and selling your item, which will help you predict and assess your profit margin.


Knowing your profit margin after costs and fees is crucial to ensuring you are charging a fair price – a price that above all is fair to you.

How to Use

Access the Profit Calculator from the Main Menu under Tools > Other Tools > Profit Calculator. Begin with the “How much the customer pays” section, using data from your listing or prospective listing. If you enter a discount (generated as a percent), this will be used for the entire calculation. 

Next, based on your own best estimates, enter your costs.

Fees: These will be automatically calculated. (Note that while the calculator works with any currency, it only calculates the Listing Fee in USD, which will have a slight impact on calculations that are performed in other currencies.) For the Payment Processing Fee, the Profit Calculator will use 3% + 0.25.  

Use the radio buttons to enter your Offsite Ads fee.

Once all of your figures are entered, click the orange Calculate button to generate a tally with Price (including Shipping), Total Costs, Total Fees, and your Estimated Profit.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members.