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Quick Summary

This tool shows what an Etsy shopper’s search results would be without promoted listings and without Etsy’s “Context Specific Ranking” (personalization). Results here likely differ from what you see when you search because of Etsy’s personalization technology.


Free of shopper personalization and promoted ads, this tool gives you a clearer idea of whether and/or where your items are ranking for a keyword for the average Etsy shopper. It also displays details of the highest-ranked listings to help you evaluate how optimized your competition is.

How to Use

Access on the Main Menu under Tools > Rank Checker.

Enter your keyword or phrase in the text box. Your shop name is automatically displayed. If you would like to compare your results with shops in all countries, leave the Shop Location field at its default, “All”. To limit results to any one country, select it from the drop-down menu. Then, click the orange Search button to see your results.

(Note: the color-coded tags shown in the screenshots below are only shown with this color-coding in paid-plan versions of the tool. The colors indicate how competitive or broad a term is, with red being the broadest, and thus likely the highest-competition tags, shading through the orange and yellows for medium, to greens which indicate that this is likely a longtail, targeted keyword.)

In the Your Listings section, Rank Checker will display any of your items it finds in the top 500 listings for this search term. You’ll see the rank, page, listing thumbnail, title, price, total views, daily views, hearts, creation date, last-updated, and whether it is listed as Vintage or Handmade. You can copy to Clipboard, print, or download this data as a CSV, Excel, or PDF file via the data-export buttons.

To view your competition for this search term, scroll down to the Top Listings section. Here you will see where your competitors’ items are ranking, and view their tags, prices and statistics. You can also copy, print or download this data via the same data-export buttons.

Who Can Use This?

This tool is available to all eRank members; some features are visible only to paid-plan members.