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ROI Calculator

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Quick Summary

The Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator helps you evaluate the performance of your Etsy Ads campaign.


With this tool you can easily translate your Etsy Ads data into actionable insight, enabling you to better assess how well Etsy Ads are currently helping you reach your sales performance goals.

How to Use

Access the ROI Calculator from the Main Menu under Tools > Other Tools > ROI Calculator. Begin by gathering your Etsy advertising stats from your Etsy shop.

From your Etsy shop Dashboard, click on the Marketing megaphone icon, then from the slide-out side menu, choose Advertising. On the Advertising stats page, choose your time frame (usually this will be for the past 30 days), and then write down the amounts from your Ad Views, Ad Clicks, Orders from Ads, and Revenue from Ads. To get your Ad Spend for this time frame, look just beneath the pale orange banner; on the far left in bold you will find the total amount you spent for ads for the time frame you specified.

Next, add those figures into their respective fields in eRank’s ROI Calculator, and then click the orange Calculate button to get a breakdown of your ad performance metrics.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members.