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Use Settings to connect your Etsy shop to eRank, change your subscription, view your invoices, and more.


Settings helps you customize your eRank user experience by letting you choose how you view your data.

How to Use

To access Settings, click the gear icon in the top right corner, next to your profile picture, or click here.


Use this section to view your Member IDemail address, and password. To change your email address or password, click the gray Change Email Address button or gray Change Password button.


Use this section to view your eRank plan and the date of your next payment (if you have a paid plan). From here, you can also cancel your subscription or change the credit card you have on file for your current subscription. For privacy and security reasons, we do not store your credit card information on our servers.

Your Shops

Use this section to connect your Etsy shop (or multiple Etsy shops) to eRank. If you skip this step, eRank will not be able to analyze your listings. If you own multiple Etsy shops, feel free to connect as many as you would like. 

If you have multiple Etsy shops, you can connect them to eRank at no additional charge.

However, please note that there is a limit to how many Etsy shops you can connect to your eRank account. Free members can connect a maximum of 2 shops, Basic members can connect a maximum of 5 shops, Pro members can connect a maximum of 10 shops, and Expert members can connect a maximum of 100 shops.

From here, you are also able to view the status of each connected shop (whether it is active or inactive), delete any shop’s Google Analytics data from eRank (if you have a Google Analytics account connected to any of your shops), view your all of your shops’ Web Property IDs, or remove any shops if you wish. Sort your data using the small gray arrows.


Use this section to view and edit your business information.


Use this section to view and download your eRank payment invoices. View each invoice’s Date, Transaction ID, Amount ($ USD), and Plan type. 

Sort your data using the small gray arrows.


Use this section to choose any marketplaces you conduct business on or would like to learn more about. We will tailor your eRank experience based on the marketplaces you select.


Use this section to select the categories that you feel best describe your business. Feel free to select any that may apply. We will tailor your eRank experience based on the categories you select.

Arts & Collectibles
Bags & Purses
Bath & Beauty
Books, Movies & Music
Craft Supplies & Tools
Electronics & Accessories
Home & Living
Paper & Party Supplies
Pet Supplies
Toys & Games

Email List

Click the small gray box if you wish to subscribe to our email list. Our weekly emails contain a variety of useful tips, as well as links to our many SEO tools and video tutorials. 

If you have any questions about your account, contact us here.

If you wish to close your eRank account, click the red Close Account button at the very bottom of the page. Please note that doing this will permanently remove all of your data from the eRank servers.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members.