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Quick Summary

Connect all of your Etsy shops to eRank, enable social monitoring and reporting, upgrade to an eRank paid plan, downgrade from your paid subscription, or close your eRank account.


Customize your eRank user experience: select additional languages for the Spell Checker, add additional shops, and have a say in what and how you view your data. 

How to Use

To access the Settings page, hover over Settings in the top right corner of your screen (next to your shop logo or photo), then choose Settings from the Options menu. 

Account Status

Along with your email address, Member ID and browser information, Account Status provides eRank staff with important troubleshooting information in the event that you have issues with your account. Also shown here is your current Plan level, as well as the option to upgrade or downgrade your current subscription, change your password, or close your eRank account. 

The Language section allows you to set your display language preference. If your shop is in a language other than English (the default), you can select the language here. It will also update the Spell Checker report for your connected shops.

The “Your Shops” section shows the shops connected to your eRank account. Here, you can view all connected shops and add or remove shops. To add additional shops, click the “Connect Another Shop” button. There is no limit to the number of shops you can add, and no additional fee is charged.


You have the choice to allow eRank to monitor your social media. To enable or disable this feature, use the corresponding tick box under “Other” in Settings.

You can also choose whether eRank creates sales reports for your shop(s). If you enable “Sales Reports,” eRank will show you conversion rates and other sales-related data and reports. You can enable and disable “Sales Reports” under Settings > Other

In the “eRank newsletter” section, you can select whether you’d like to be emailed our newsletter, as well as announcements, special offers, and other updates. (This is the best way to keep up to date on changes or news regarding eRank.)


This is another place where you can add, change, or remove the keywords that you want the “Monitor” tool to use for tracking the rank of your listings. Just click on the “Edit Keywords” link here in Settings, or you can access the “Monitor” page from the site menu bar under Tools > Other Tools > Monitor and click on the “Edit Keywords” button there.

“Missing Images” Warnings

Here, you can control the threshold at which eRank warns you about any listing with missing images: fewer than the maximum 10 allowed, or “relaxed” (fewer than 5 images).

Finally, be sure to always hit that “Save Settings” button to activate any changes you make in the Settings page.