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Quick Summary

A custom button for your browser, this tool allows you to analyze any Etsy shop or listing right from its page on Etsy’s website with just a click.


Quickly research any Etsy shop, or perform an eRank Listing Audit on any Etsy listing to assess its SEO, title, tags, sales, conversion rate, and more.

How to Use

Located on the Main Menu under Tools > Other Tools > Shortcut Button, the Shortcut Button has to be installed by you.

(If you have an older EtsyRank version of the Shortcut Button already saved to your browser’s toolbar, delete that one first.) Make sure your browser’s bookmark tool bar is showing, then locate the blue eRank button, left-click and hold down your mouse button over it and drag it from the eRank page up to your browser’s bookmark toolbar. You’ll see its smiley face and the word “eRank” appear on your browser’s bookmark toolbar. Currently, the Shortcut Button works best in Chrome and Firefox browsers, and may not work on iPhones.

Note that in order to use the Shortcut Button, you will always have to be already logged into eRank, although not necessarily into your own Etsy shop. Then, whenever you are on Etsy looking at a shop, or at any Etsy listing, you can click on the Shortcut Button. A new tab will open in your browser onto an eRank Listing Audit page. There, you will see a detailed analysis of that Etsy shop or listing — Title and Tag Analyses, Listing Stats, Attributes, Description, Images, Processing Time, and other information.

Note: the Shortcut Button is only available for desktop users (Windows, Mac, Linux) who are browsing with Chrome and Firefox. Any other systems are unsupported and probably will not work.

Who Can Use This?

This tool is available to all eRank members.