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Quick Summary

This report flags possible spelling mistakes in your Etsy shop tags. Tip: there’s no need for you to use up tags to account for common misspellings; Etsy search redirects shoppers to the correct results.


Spell Checker identifies misspelled words in any one of five languages, then takes you to correct them in your Etsy shop. And as you use this feature, you will create your own customized eRank “Safe List” of words that aren’t misspelled — for instance, abbreviations, or terms that are unique to your industry, or shop.

How to Use

Located on your Dashboard, the Spelling Issues button will alert you to misspellings by displaying a large red X and the number of possible misspellings (or a large green check mark if you don’t have any). If you are in another tool, you can access it by choosing Shop > Spell Checker from the main menu. On your Dashboard, clicking the Spelling Issues button will take you to the Spell Checker page, where you will see the listing title and, highlighted in red, the misspelled word. At this point you can click the Fix on Etsy button to be moved to your Etsy shop to make the correction, or you can click the green Ignore button to add it to your eRank Safe List. If you make a change in your Etsy shop, be sure when you return to eRank to click the Refresh Data button so eRank can update your data.

Safe List

Often our industries will use words that we have spelled correctly, but eRank may flag as misspelled. To prevent this from happening again, click the Ignore button to add it to your Safe List. Clicking the Ignore button will generate a confirmation page letting you know the word has been added to your Safe List. Click the Continue button to approve this addition and return to the Spell Checker page. If you change your mind about adding this word, simply click your browser’s back button. To view all words in your Safe List, click the Safe List tab.

Consider the Safe List your custom lexicon to which you can add and remove words as needed. Clicking the Remove button will add that word back to misspellings that eRank will find for you. Once you are finished adding or removing words, use the Refresh Data button to refresh your eRank data so that all of your changes will show.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members.