Spotted on Etsy

Spotted on Etsy

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Quick Summary

This report displays results stripped of Etsy’s AI personalization and paid ads, showing which of your listings eRank found among the first 100 listings for specific keywords while performing random searches on Etsy.


See which keywords you are ranking for on Etsy – both your own superstar keywords that you have chosen to monitor, along with those eRank is monitoring for other sellers. Discover new keywords, and track changes in your item’s ranking position over time and see the impact of your tests on your listings.

How to Use

Spotted on Etsy results display daily on your Dashboard. You can also access from the Main Menu under Shop > Spotted on Etsy. This report displays each listing’s Main Image, Listing Title, Search Term, Page, Position, Rank and Timestamp (when eRank spotted your listing in search results). Hover over the orange “?” tooltips next to the column headers to see further information. Data can be sorted by any of the columns with grey arrows.

By selecting any of the Available Reports tabs you can filter the results to view a report with just your keywords, or with only other sellers’ keywords. Choose All to see both combined. The other two tabs are shortcuts to the Monitor tool, and to your list of keywords in case you want to update those.

Clicking on any of the listing titles shown in blue, or on the orange Listing Audit button just below any title will move you to the Listing Audit report for that specific item. Click your browser’s back button to return to the Spotted on Etsy report.

The Page column shows you on what page in a search your item was found. Note that with Etsy ads removed, each Etsy page contains 48 listings, so page 1 of a Spotted on Etsy report will show the first 48 listings found. Page 2 displays the next 49-96 listings, and page 3 will have the 97-100 listings.

To display the results in numerical order, click the grey arrows at the top of either the Page or Position column. You can sort by the Search Term column to display your terms alphabetically.  

The Rank column indicates each listing’s 1-100 numerical ranking, suggesting where the “average” Etsy shopper might see your listing. The Timestamp column shows you the day and time this report was created. To update the report to today’s date, simply click the orange Refresh Data button in the upper right of the toolbar.  

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members.