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Quick Summary

Filter your listings by a word or phrase used in your titles or tags to create a subgroup you can then sort, explore, copy, print or export.


Being able to filter your listings by a word or phrase lets you group your listings and then sort them by the Listing Title, Listing ID, SKU, and Tags. This helps you see at a glance the tags and titles that use the same words. Get quick access to do a listing audit, or to edit it on Etsy, or track changes. This report is also handy for finding seasonal, holiday-related, or outdated tags.

How to Use

On the Main Menu under Listings > Tag Filter, or as a tab in the Available Reports area of any of the Listings reports. Once in the Tag Filter report, check the Last updated time stamp in the upper left to confirm that any recent changes you have made to your listings are reflected. If you need to update your data, just click the orange Refresh Data button beside the time stamp.

Use the Filter text box to type any word or phrase contained in either your titles or tags. Then you can sort your results by the Listing Title, Listing ID, SKU, or Tags columns — or even by the first letter or number in the first tag of each listing. With the data-export buttons (located opposite the Filter box, above the Tags field), you can copy, print, or export this data as a CSV, Excel, or PDF. Once you are done working with this group of listings, just clear the Filter box to see all of your listings again.

Hover over the orange “?” tooltip icons above the Listing Title, Listing ID, or SKU column headers for further information. To sort a column, click the column name or the grey double-headed arrows on the left of each column. Sorting can be displayed in two ways: numerically, high to low (or vice versa); or alphabetically, A-Z or Z-A. Click once or twice to change the sorting order for that column. Want to return to the original sort? Click the grey double-headed arrow next to the Listing Title column until it shows a purple “up” arrow. Now you’re back where you started from.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members.