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Tag Report

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Quick Summary

Drill-down analysis of all of your listing tags: how often you use each one, alongside search volume, click- and competition data for both Etsy and Google.


At a glance, see the tags across all your listings. This helps visualize the quality of your tags; whether you have a good spread of competitive levels; and if individual tags are over- or under-utilized.

How to Use

Located on the main menu under Shop > Tag Report, this report also displays eRank’s data related to your tags. You can filter your tags by typing a single or multi-word combination into the Filter text box. You can sort by any column, and copy, print, or download your results via the data-export buttons. Many eRank users find that the Google data provides a valuable “second opinion” about a tag’s relevance to Etsy, and to other platforms.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members.