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Quick Summary

Traffic Stats shows you how shoppers are finding your shop and your listings through Etsy search, Etsy Ads, Pinterest, and Facebook. If you add Google Analytics tracking to your Etsy shop, eRank will make it easy for you to discover what your best Etsy keywords are!


After you’ve done your research in the Keyword Tool to find the right keywords, Traffic Stats will let you know if those keywords are working to help your listings get found. You will be able to see the search terms that were used to find your listings and how well that listing ranked in search for that search term. The matching parts of your tags and titles are highlighted to see at a glance if it is an exact match or a partial match that brought the traffic to your listing.

How to Connect

Step 1: (If you already have Google Analytics tracking set up for your Etsy shop, you can skip this step) Connect your Etsy shop to Google Analytics. Step-by-step instructions can be found by clicking here

Step 2: Connect your eRank account to Google Analytics by going to your eRank Dashboard. Click on the Setup button and follow the prompts.

Notes: It may take up to 5 minutes to fetch your data from Google Analytics. Data prior to the data you added Google Analytics tracking to your shop will not be available.

How to Use

At the top of the page, you can use the calendar drop-down menu to select the date range for which you would like to analyze the traffic. The table will populate with all the search terms that resulted in your listing being found. You can see the total number of visits and the average rank of all of your listings found using that search term.

By clicking on any keyword, you will see  all the listings that were visited from that search term. The matching parts of your tags and titles are highlighted in yellow to display at a glance whether it was an exact match or a partial match that brought the traffic to your listing.

With the expanded view still open, you can click on your listing title or the View Listing Stats button for a more detailed search report.

In this view, you can see the keywords that brought traffic, as well as a few columns with additional data. The Visits column shows you how many visits to the listing were generated by the keyword. Found in Title and Found in Tags indicate if the keywords can be matched in the listing title or tags. The Most Recent Visit column displays the last time this keyword generated a visit.

By default, the data shown in this view is for organic search traffic. To view data for Etsy Ads, Pinterest, and Facebook traffic, click the appropriate tab just above the table.


Currently, Traffic Stats isn’t serving up keyword data from the Etsy shopping mobile app due to a limitation from Etsy. Please keep this in mind when reviewing the data. Also, note that some browser extensions can block Google Analytics. This may cause a discrepancy between what you see in Traffic Stats and your Etsy Stats.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members.

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