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Quick Summary

Discover what keywords are trending now on Etsy! Updated daily, we flag yesterday’s most popular search terms and show you last month’s Top 100 most-searched keywords for each platform, along with 15-month trend graphs of historical data.


A daily and monthly update of the most-searched keywords that were popular yesterday, this past month, and this time last year, to help you with keyword SEO for your listings, and give you insight into why some may have experienced a slowdown. Know what keywords are hottest, stay ahead of the trends, and better plan what to stock in upcoming months.

How to Use

This report is for eRank Basic and PRO members exclusively. You can access it several ways: from the Main Menu under Reports > Trend Buzz, or by clicking the orange “See more” button on the Trend Buzz widget on the right side menu on your Dashboard. But the quickest is just clicking this white “Hot!” button from the row of quick-link buttons you see arrayed just below the Main Menu.  

Just like a Top 20 Chart!

On the Trend Buzz landing page, you will see the the most popular keywords that buyers are searching for each day on Etsy, Amazon, and eBay. The fastest-moving search terms say “Hot.” Come back each day (after 9am EST) to see if these keywords are one-offs or part of an ongoing trend.

Choose and Filter Your Data

When you select Etsy from the row of marketplaces arrayed in the upper left just below the blue banner, the default data you see in the Buzzing on Etsy chart will be for all Etsy categories. To see the top keywords in any particular category, select from the left side menu, Browse Etsy by Category. Hitting that white Hot button will take you to the Top 20 charts showing searches from yesterday. Use your browser’s back arrow to return to this page again.

The “Date” field displays the latest month; scroll to choose any of the past 15 months.

You will see the Keyword List button floats in the lower left of your screen. Click any grey star to add a keyword to one of your Keyword Lists, or create a new Keyword List for daily or monthly Trend Buzz keywords. (Note: these are the actual search terms customers entered to search for products on Etsy.)

The Buzzing on Etsy chart shows the most popular searches for the past month. Keywords flagged with the fire icon were the most popular yesterday. Use the “Filter Keywords” text box to search for specific keywords.

Toggle the carets or click the “Etsy Keywords” column name to sort the keywords alphabetically; click the “Etsy Searches” carets or column name to sort them numerically. The prevailing sort will be indicated by a blue caret. Hover over the little orange question marks for further information about the data you see in that area. In the “Trend Graph” column, the blue bars represent the current month; hovering over any bars will generate a popup indicating the month and count of searches for that month.

Clicking a keyword will show you a Keyword Explorer in-depth analysis of that specific search term with long-tail keyword suggestions and more. Just click your browser’s back arrow to return to Trend Buzz.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to eRank paying members only.