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Listing Audit performs a comprehensive audit of each listing for how well it complies with the guidelines found in Etsy’s Seller Handbook: Ultimate Guide to Search and Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.


This feature provides a thorough analysis of a listing’s title, stats, attributes, tags, description, and more

Audit results are divided into sections. Each section has tips for improvement and links to relevant Etsy articles. This makes it easy for you to assess each component of the listing and learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We suggest that you work on your listings that are converting poorly first and leave the ones that are performing well alone until you are familiar with the SEO that works best for each of your items. 

Use this feature to audit both your own listings and your competitors’!

How to Use

For easy access, this feature is linked within most of eRank’s listing reports. Click the Listing Audit button beneath any listing title to view its Listing Audit report page.

Click the red Refresh button at the bottom of the screen at any point to refresh your listing’s data and see if anything has changed.

Click the blue Keyword List button underneath to access your Keyword Lists. Add new words to your lists by clicking the star icon next to any keyword listed in this feature.

Learn more about Keyword Lists here 

The gray menu bar on the left provides easy navigation between the different sections of this feature. Choose between simple view (section by section) and full view.

You can also Look up any listing to audit here. Simply type its ID or URL into the field in the blue bar at the top of the page. Then, click Search.

Superstar Keyword

Use this section to generate more relevant SEO tips to improve your listing.

Type a short phrase that describes your listing (example: “Christmas tree ornament”) into the field in the green banner and click Add Superstar Keyword to see where the words in this phrase appear in the title, tags, and description. All instances of these words will be highlighted.

If any of these sections is missing any part of your Superstar Keyword, the tool will flag that section and recommend that you consider incorporating it to increase visibility in Etsy search results.

View your listing’s letter Grade in the section below. This is a grade that eRank assigns your listing based on how well we believe it is following Etsy’s best practices.

Please note that the grade does not reflect the number of views or sales the listing has had.

Click See on Etsy to view this listing on Etsy.

Click Create Keyword List to generate a list of keywords using the tags in your listing.

Click Track Changes to create a snapshot of your listing at the present moment and monitor any future changes to the tags, price, quantity available, total views, and total favorites.

Learn more about Listing Changes

Traffic Stats

If you have connected a Google Analytics account with your Etsy shop, you can use this section to view how buyers have found your listing. See how many people found you via organic keywords from Etsy search, paid visits from Etsy Ads, Pinterest, and Facebook.

All numbers here are based on data collected from Google Analytics over the past 15 months. However, please note that if your Google Analytics account was created within the past 15 months, you will only see data dating back to the day you created it. 

Learn more about Traffic Stats 

How to set up Google Analytics for your Etsy shop


Use this section to improve your listing according to Etsy’s and Google’s best practices.

Recommended Tips are changes that eRank has identified as the most important to consider.

Other Tips are suggestions that may also be helpful in perfecting your listing but should be implemented using your best judgment.

Listing Statistics

Use the table in this section to view the following information about your listing:

  • Total Sales: the number of times your listing has sold since you created it. This is private information that only you can view. If you are viewing a competitor’s listing, this information will not be visible. 
  • Est. Conversion Rate: is the percentage of your listing’s views that result in a sale. (Calculated by dividing the total number of sales by the total number of views this listing has had since you created it, then multiplying the result by 100.)
  • Visibility Score: is a measurement of how well your listing’s daily views compare to listings from thousands of other Etsy shops.
  • Total Views: this is the number of times your listing has been viewed since you created it.
  • Daily Views: this is the average views per day your listing has had since it was created.
  • Listing Age: is the number of days that have passed since you created your listing.
  • Total Hearts: tallies the favorites your listing has had since you created it.
  • Quantity Available: this is the amount of this item you have in stock.
  • Created: this is the date you created your listing.
  • Last Modified: is the date you most recently modified your listing.
  • Expiry Date: is the date your listing will expire if it does not sell

If you are auditing another shop’s listing, this section will look a bit different. Instead of displaying the listing’s Total Sales and Conversion Rate, the table will display the listing’s Estimated Sales and Estimated Conversion Rate. You will also be able to view the listing’s Estimated Revenue. Since actual sales data is considered private, eRank estimates these figures based on the data that is publicly available.

Please note that Est. Conversion Rate and Visibility Score are color-coded as follows:

Green: indicates your listing is performing well. 

Yellow: indicates that you might consider revising your listing to improve this particular statistic. But use your best judgment. Only do so if this product is not selling well.

Red: shows you have an opportunity here to improve your listing provided it is not performing well. We do not recommend changing a listing that is selling well.

Title Analysis

View tips on how to improve your listing’s title according to Etsy’s best practices. Etsy recommends that you write short descriptive titles. Use natural language and choose common words as descriptors. Put your most important keywords (i.e., what your item is) at the beginning of your title. 

Add a few more relevant search terms that a shopper might type into Etsy’s search bar to find items like yours. Etsy does not specify what character count constitutes “short” in a title, so use your best judgment.

Please note that the part of your listing’s title that a shopper sees when it appears in their search results is highlighted in yellow.

Tag Analysis

Click the orange Edit Listing button to revise your listing on Etsy. 

Click the green Learn More button to read the Etsy Handbook article Keywords 101: Everything You Need to Know

Use the Tag Analysis table to perform a deep-dive review of each tag and identify any tags that may need to be revised or replaced.

Use the Filter field in the blue bar to filter specific tags.

Select your preferred language using the dropdown menu to the right.

This table includes the following tools:

  • Bar Chart*: This measures each tag’s Average Monthly Searches, Average Monthly Clicks, and Average CTR (short for “Click-Through Rate,” this is a ratio of clicks to searches). The data here is gathered from users in the United States over the past 12 months and can be viewed by Basic members, Pro members, and Expert members. All members can view the degree of competition a tag has in Etsy search results.  
  • Etsy Trend Graph: This indicates the changes in popularity of your tags over the past 15 months. Use the graph to determine which terms are seasonal, evergreen (always popular), gaining popularity, and losing popularity
  • Checklist: This provides an overview of the listing’s key SEO and indicates what parts comply with Etsy’s best practices. Etsy recommends that you use multi-word tags, avoid typos, begin your title with your strongest keywords, and use your tags in the listing description

*The Bar Chart is color-coded as follows:

  • Green: The average number of monthly searches, clicks, or CTR for the tag is very high. A green competition bar means that competition with the tag on Etsy is very low
  • Yellow: The average number of monthly searches, clicks, or CTR for the tag is high. A yellow competition bar means that competition with the tag on Etsy is low
  • Orange: The average number of monthly searches, clicks, or CTR for the tag is low. An orange competition bar means that competition with the tag on Etsy is high
  • Red: The average number of monthly searches, clicks, or CTR for the tag is very low. A red competition bar means that competition with the tag on Etsy is very high

Sort your data using the small gray arrows at the top of each column.

Click on any tag in the column on the left to go to eRank’s Keyword Tool, which helps you find high-performing search terms to replace the one at hand.

Learn more about the Keyword Tool Here

Click Copy Tags to copy the listing’s tags to your clipboard.

Similar Tags

Use Similar Tags to view additional tags that eRank recommends.

Category and Description

Use these sections to learn more about optimizing your listing.

Click the green button in each section to read relevant articles on Etsy that will help you enhance your SEO. 

The Description Details section below displays your listing’s description section. If you have chosen a Superstar Keyword and you have included it in the description, it will be highlighted.

Images, Processing Time, Sales History, Etsy Preview, Google Preview, and Hashtag Generator

Use these sections to view and utilize recommendations based on Etsy’s best practices.

Click the green buttons in the light green banners for Images and Processing Time to read relevant articles on Etsy that will help you fine-tune your listing.

Use Sales History to view the history of your listing’s sales and price points, along with the tags and title at the time of each sale.

Use the Etsy Preview and Google Preview sections to view how your listing will appear in search results on Etsy and Google.

Note that on each, only a certain amount of the title and description are visible, and this is why it is important to lead each of these components with your strongest keywords.

Use the Hashtag Generator to create a set of hashtags from your listing’s tags for your social media posts.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members. Free members can perform 50 listing audits per day, while Basic members, Pro members can perform 200 listing audits per day, and Expert members can perform 500 listing audits per day.

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