Introducing Traffic Stats

Have you ever wondered what your best Etsy keywords are? Using the power of Google Analytics, and eRank, we can now see and benefit from powerful keyword data to help you succeed.

Traffic Stats helps you understand how shoppers find their way to your Etsy listing. Analyzing search habits and how they get connected to tags and keywords within listing titles.


The Traffic Stats features are only available to Etsy sellers who have already added Google Analytic’s UA tracking code to their Etsy shop. If you have already done this, then continue reading.

Even though Etsy will no longer support Google Analytics, eRank will continue to operate Traffic Stats so that you can access your historical keyword and traffic data.

If you have already connected your Etsy shop to your Google Analytics account, you can get started by logging into your eRank account and clicking the Setup button in the Traffic Stats box on your eRank dashboard. This will prompt you to authorize eRank account to read your shop’s Google Analytics data.

Image 1: If you haven’t set up Traffic Stats yet, you can click the setup button on your eRank dashboard.
Image 1: If you haven’t set up Traffic Stats yet, you can click the setup button on your eRank dashboard.

Once you have connected your Google Analytics account to eRank, please allow up to 10 minutes for eRank to download your historical data.

Powerful Data At Your Fingertips

Traffic Stats is a powerful tool that provides Etsy sellers with the ability to see the search habits of potential buyers using data gathered through Google Analytics.

eRank can display which keywords are driving traffic to your listing, and detailed data for each keyword and related listings. This gives shop owners much-needed intel on what is working and what is not.

Keywords that drive traffic to your shop

When you open Traffic Stats, you will see an overview of the keywords that are driving traffic to your shop, including many great long tail keywords that Etsy buyers search for.

Next to the keywords, you will see how many total visits to your shop were generated by the keyword. The next column is Position on Etsy, which is an average position in search for all listings this keyword drove traffic to. Once you click on a keyword, it will expand to show you each listing for the keyword.

Traffic Stats Preview

Listings that get traffic for each keyword

Once you click into a keyword you are shown all of the listings which that keyword drove traffic to. Another thing to note here is that you will see highlighted words within your title and tags. This is showing how a shoppers search query paired with your listing.

Clicking on any of the View Listings Stats buttons will give you a list of keywords that is driving traffic to that listing.

Your best keywords for each listing

This section also shows you if that keyword was found in your title and tags, how many visits it generated, and the most recent visit from that keyword.

Flexible time frames

Would you like to gauge how well certain keywords were working during a particular time frame? Do you want to know what keywords are working for you today or yesterday? With the time frame drop down you can select from the several pre-built time frames shown below.

A Deeper Dive

By clicking on individual listings attached to a keyword gain even more insight in the form of search reports for:

  • Organic Search
  • Etsy Ads
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook.

Each of these reports shows how shoppers found your listings for each of these traffic sources.

Organic Search

Under this tab you will be provided with a list of keywords for this listing as well as how many visits each keyword created for the listing, where the keyword was found, and the most recent visit to this listing from that particular keyword.

In the example below, you will see that an organic Etsy search for gold ring drove traffic to this listing. The keyword was found in both the title and the tags.

Etsy Ads

This report shows keywords from Etsy ad placements that are driving traffic to your listing. If you have ever wondered “Are Etsy ads working for me” you can now see what keywords generate traffic to each of your listings.


This tab shows you when people visited your listing from Pinterest. In some cases, you will even see the exact Pin that generated the visitor.


The last tab in this section is Facebook. This tells you when visitors came to your listing from Facebook.


Learning more about the search habits of your potential customers can go a long way in building a winning keyword strategy for your Etsy listings. When you learn what keywords are working for you, you can focus on optimizing each of your listings around what shoppers are searching for.

Just remember to be cautious when making changes to a listing that is already performing well. We hope that this tool will help you continue to improve your success selling on Etsy.

To learn more about eRank Traffic Stats and how to use this tool, head over to our help page or try it now.