3 Ways to See Etsy Competitor Tags, Keywords and SEO

Reading time: 2.5 minutes

We’re going to show you an often-overlooked tool that helps you to see a competitor’s tags, keywords, and other SEO tactics in just a single click: the eRank Shortcut Button. 

This is a shortcut button that you can drag onto your browser’s bookmark bar. Then, whenever you are looking at a listing, shop, or search results page on Etsy, click on the button to get detailed analysis.

Installing the Shortcut Button

  1. Go to the Shortcut Button installation page: https://erank.com/analyzer
  2. Drag the blue button to your browser’s bookmark bar.

eRank Shortcut Button

From now on, you’ll see this little smiley face icon. Any time you are browsing Etsy’s website, you’ll be able to access information directly from there.  

Using the Shortcut Button

Using the Shortcut button

1. From any shop page on Etsy

The first way is whenever you’re on Etsy and you spot an inspirational shop. Just click the Shortcut Button. It will generate an eRank Top Sellers report for this shop. You will see total sales; average daily sales; global sales rank, and more.

Screenshot of an Etsy Top Seller's report for any Etsy competitor's shop of  your choice

Click that orange Tag Analysis button to generate an in-depth report on its tags. If you’re on one of eRank’s paid plans, you can click the orange button beside it to add this shop to your Tracked Competitors list.

Scroll down the Top Sellers report page to see this shop’s recent listings. You can click on any of those listings to view an eRank Listing Audit report.

2. From any listing on Etsy

Just hit the Shortcut Button. That generates a Listing Audit report and you can go through and perform further analysis on that listing.

Screenshot of an eRank Listing Audit report you can get for any competitor's tags and other listing details

See its tips and listing stats for visibility score, views, age, etc. Scroll down the page to see its tags in an eRank Tag Analysis chart. Click on any tag to generate an eRank Keyword Tool report. Paid-plan members can add tags to any of their existing Keyword Lists, or create a new one from the tags in this listing.

3. From any search results page

Say you’re doing keyword research on Etsy, and you’ve typed a search term into Etsy’s search bar. Just hit that Shortcut Button. You’ll get an eRank Keyword Tool report displaying results for that search term.

Screenshot showing a Keyword Explorer Search Trend report with 15 months of historical data, and summary with average competition, clicks, click-through rates, and other data


This blog post is also available as a video on eRank’s YouTube channel. It’s called, “How to see competitor tags and SEO from Etsy with the eRank Shortcut Button

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