I worked on one of my listings today: why hasn’t the Visibility Score changed?

The Visibility Score can’t predict the future. Rather, it reflects the past: how this listing’s average daily views compared to all other listings on Etsy.

Imagine that on the day your listing was published, it had one view. Its average daily view stood at one view a day. Comparing it to all other listings on Etsy, eRank found that most did not average one view a day and therefore gave your listing a Visibility Score of 82% because your average daily view was more than 82% of all listings on Etsy.

Another day passes and on that day your listing did not have a view. Your listing is two days old and had one view: thus, an updated average of 0.5 views a day, and a new score reflecting that 72% of all Etsy listings have fewer than 0.5 views a day.

This is why changing a keyword today will not impact the Visibility Score immediately. Updating a listing will shift your Visibility Score over time as it gets more or fewer views.