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Color Thesaurus

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Quick Summary

Seeking that “just right” color name? For inspiration and ideas, browse eRank’s database, now with more than 1,660 colors!


Whether for your own website, a new product, or to bring your color descriptions to life, eRank’s Color Thesaurus makes it quick and easy.

How to Use

Access the Color Thesaurus from the main menu under Tools > Other Tools > Color Thesaurus.

From here, click on a color in the Pick a Color bar, and watch the color options appear. Alternatively, you can use the Pick a Color text box to find a color either by name, or by typing in all or any part of its Hex Code.*

Once the related colors are displayed, you can click on any one of those to see a list of its related colors. Here, you may find complementary and contrasting colors.

*About Hex Codes: Commonly employed to represent colors on web pages and image-editing programs, the hex system uses the format #RRGGBB, with RR = reds, GG = greens, BB = blues. (The # symbol is used to indicate that the number has been written in hex format.) This system uses two hex digits for each color, eg #FF6600. The values for each color run between 00 and FF.

  • #FF0000 will be the purest red — red only, no green or blue
  • Black is #000000 — no red, no green, and no blue
  • White is #FFFFFF

So, #FF6600 would represent an orange hue.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members.