Etsy Keywords: Just What Are Long Tail Keywords?

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Wondering how to use keywords in your Etsy shop? Confused about long tail keywords? We’re here for you!

Meet eRank’s Keywordosaurus.

Our fetching Keywordosaurus models the difference between “head” and “long tail” keywords.

  • Head keywords are more broad and less specific.
  • Long tail keywords (LTKs) are the opposite: less broad and more specific.

In our example, necklace is a broad keyword. Let’s enter necklace into eRank’s Keyword Explorer. We see that last month, there were 16,661 Etsy shopper searches using necklace as the keyword. Yet when we enter necklace into Etsy’s search bar, we get 6,810,015 products. Holy mackerel, that is a lot of competition! Conversion rate is likely to be low.

Enter the Long Tail Keyword

Now let’s type our LTK 14k gold name necklace white gold into eRank’s Keyword Explorer. We see there were 10,827 searches last month. Also, there is quite low competition (especially for the Jewelry category), and a 33% Click Through Rate. Worthy!

Best of all, when we enter 14k gold name necklace white gold into Etsy’s search bar, we see there are 13,708 items. Compared with our broad keyword, necklace, that’s a decrease in competition of 99.8%. Wow. That’s more like it!

Let’s revisit our Keywordosaurus. While there are fewer searches for our LTK, it provides a higher conversion rate. What does that mean for an Etsy seller?

A shopper who enters 14k gold name necklace white gold into Etsy’s search bar knows what s/he wants. Not just any necklace, but one that is a name necklace. And not just any name necklace, but one in 14K gold. And not just any type of 14K gold; they want a 14K white gold name necklace.

A shopper who is this specific about what they are looking for is one who has “purchase intent.” That is, compared with a shopper who enters necklace into Etsy search, this one’s probably closer to buying.

Another reason to opt for long tail keywords? Using our example – 14k gold name necklace white gold – this item can show up in several other, broader searches. Our LTK is too long to fit in one Etsy tag. But that’s okay. Let’s split it into three: 14k gold; name necklace; white gold.

Our item could also appear in these searches: 14K white gold; gold name necklace; white gold necklace. And in whatever other combinations shoppers might use, or couple with other keywords. For instance, depending on our other tags, our item might show up for mens gold jewelry, or name necklace gift for Mom.

Sources for Finding Good Long Tail Keywords

Tried and true hunting grounds for finding good long tail keywords on eRank:

  • Trend Buzz
  • Keyword Explorer’s Related Searches section
  • Top 100 listings in Keyword Tool
  • Your Spotted on Etsy reports

Bear in mind that eRank draws the data in Trend Buzz and Keyword Explorer from actual Etsy shopper searches. Conversely, the keywords you see in Keyword Tool and Spotted on Etsy come from other sellers. So it is wise to double check those to be sure your LTK has some search volume.

And as always, keep in mind eRank’s Golden Rule: “Never change a listing that is selling well.”

But if you are starting from scratch? Or doing product research? Create a designated Keyword List for that product. Add to it any long tail keywords as you spot them. Use the note field or flags to remind yourself to check it after another month. This ensures your superstar keyword is not a one-month spike. Make sure search volume is adequate. Depending on the category, 5,000 searches for a solid LTK could be worth developing a product around.

Still have questions? We have answers! Lots of experienced Etsy sellers are active in our private eRank Facebook group. Or just hit the feedback button on any eRank page.


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