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Top Keywords on Etsy in August 2021

Top Keywords on Etsy in August 2021

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Wondering what to sell on Etsy? Here at eRank, we’re back again to take the guesswork out of your Etsy SEO and tags. We’ll show you the most popular search terms with shoppers. Then we’ll analyze what these trending keywords tell us about what’s selling best on Etsy now.

August’s Top 20 Etsy Searches

1.     handmade jewelry
2.     halloween
3.     gifts
4.     wall decor
5.     stickers
6.     earrings
7.     halloween decor +
8.     home decor
9.     wall art
10.    wedding gifts
11.     face mask +
12.    personalized gifts
13.    linen clothing
14.    crystals
15.    neon sign
16.    tapestry +
17.    bridesmaid gifts
18.    rings
19.    mask +
20.   candles +
+ indicates search terms new to the Top 20 compared with last month

Beginning in May 2021, our monthly Trend Reports showed most uncommon turnover in the Top 20. More than half of the keywords would be new to the Top 20. Might things be normalizing? Judging by this one metric, they may be. The churn has returned to its former norm. As indicated by plus signs, we have five keywords new to the Top 20, and none of them are surprising. Nor are the five that dropped out.

Five keywords new to the Top 20

Each year in August we expect two trends: back to school and all that goes with that. And halloween decor – for any holiday, its decor searches herald its approach. Representing back to school this year in our Top 20, we have tapestry.

Tapestry has been a trending keyword since early 2020. And it is tapestry wall hangings that people are shopping for, which are popular for dorm decor. Year on Year (YoY), tapestry is up 30.6%. But many college students weren’t on campus last fall. So we don’t think this increase indicates that tapestries are more popular. Rather, just more in demand – a fine distinction but worth mentioning. Also signaling that it’s likely back-to-school dorm decor driving the rise, compare August’s search volume with July’s. Month on Month (MoM), we see a 135.5% increase. A year ago, there was a similar rise MoM, but less of an increase, reflecting the lower demand due to Covid distance learning.

Speaking of Covid, another two searches new to the Top 20 this month are returnees: face mask and mask. These too we are ascribing to the back-to-school season. We’ll just have to watch masks. Just when we thought we were done, they pulled us back in.

Another perennial favorite back in the Top 20 is candles, ranking #20 in August. We expect demand to only climb from now through December, as it did last year. If you’re a candle maker, check the Related Searches chart in Keyword Explorer. There you’ll find the specific search terms Etsy shoppers are using. Funky candles sure looks good, especially competition-wise.

Mystical stones and crystals continue to trend on Etsy

As for the five keywords that slid out of the Top 20, let’s see. The only one up there longer than a month was carnelian jewelry. That whole carnelian fad was puzzling to jewelry makers. What drove its surprising rise in popularity was the general surge of interest in all things metaphysical. Per Google, carnelian’s stone lore purports to confer on the wearer all these and more. Boldness, energy, warmth, lasting joy that empowers and stimulates; courage, endurance, leadership, motivation, inspiration and protection. And who couldn’t use some of that? We get the appeal.

Moldavite had a similar spike back in April with a YoY increase of 699%. It’s dropped 73.8% since then. We see no sign of the interest in all things esoteric flagging, so which stone will be the next hot one? Catch that wave early and you could reap significant benefits. We had our experts review the latest data in both the Supplies and the Jewelry categories. The only one climbing as carnelian and moldavite did out of nowhere right now is this one.

Line chart showing Etsy search volume for the keyword onyx in 2020 and 2021

It’s onyx, with 2021 shown in red. Note that onyx has nowhere near the search volume of the other two – yet. But as with those, its popularity has been far higher on Etsy, which is unusual. That’s one indicator. Some others? YoY, it’s had an increase in search volume of 552.5%. And like moldavite, it’s an unlikely stone to suddenly soar in popularity. Also like moldavite, most of what’s sold as onyx isn’t. (It’s dyed chalcedony.) And like moldavite, onyx is a fragile, brittle stone unsuitable for most jewelry. But currently Google shows a slew of metaphysical claims for onyx. Protection, strength, focus, and willpower – very like carnelian’s. Will onyx be the next carnelian? If you’ve got it, list it. It’s worth a shot.

And how are leather searches looking?

A keyword we mentioned we’d be watching for you: leather. Leather is one of those trends that year to year is unpredictable. Some years, August through October are great for leather. Some years are dogs. In May’s run up to Father’s Day and graduation gift-giving, we thought we could be seeing hints that this year just might be a better leather year.

Sure enough, as a single-word search leather is up in our August data by 217% YoY. And it’s got an average click through rate (CTR) of 88%. If leather’s a thing you do, be sure to check out the Related Searches chart in Keyword Explorer. There are some climbers: leather bracelet, leather dog collar, leather jacket, leather backpack, leather belt, leather necklace, leather cuff bracelet, leather dress. And leather face mask.

A 2021 trend that’s holding: all things fidget

Line chart showing Etsy search volume for the keyword "fidget ring" in 2020 and 2021

Granted, fidget ring was the only search to make August’s Top 1000, ranking #84. But we spotted fidget-related keywords in several Etsy categories’ Top 100 Searches for August. Enough to get our spidey senses tingling. Above are the results for the single-word search fidget. As you can see (2021’s the red line), it’s well up year on year, and has held. It also has a worthy 78% average CTR. Scrolling down to Related Searches, fidget necklace is especially stellar with a 93% CTR and low 3,210 Competition. Fidget earrings has even lower competition: currently 832 with 3,420 searches in August.

And it’s far from a jewelry-only trend. Fidget pack might be worth researching. EDC (Every Day Carry) fidget toys has a 100% CTR. There is a related trend we’re seeing in ADHD aids, like August’s #754-ranked adhd planner. Could you make something in your niche for fidgeters? The trend seems to have offerings for any age. We’re seeing everything from fidget packs for children to fidget quilts for alzheimer’s dementia stroke rehab. Search volumes and stats on these vary of course, but worth exploring?

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