Top Keywords on Etsy in December 2021

Top Keywords on Etsy in December 2021

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Wondering what to sell on Etsy? Here at eRank, we’re back again to take the guesswork out of your Etsy SEO and tags. We’ll show you the most popular search terms with shoppers. Then we’ll analyze what these trending keywords tell us about what’s selling best on Etsy now.

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Tip: You can now see the most searched keywords on Etsy for the past 30 days, as well as on dozens of other marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Redbubble and more.

December’s Top 20 Etsy Searches

1.    gifts for her
2.    gifts for him
3.    gifts
4.    minimalist
5.    earrings
6.    gifts for mom +
7.     jewelry
8.     crystals
9.     gifts for kids
10.    personalized gifts
11.     stickers +
12.    wall art +
13.    holiday clothing +
14.    holiday decor
15.    personalized gift
16.    gift box +
17.    candles
18.    embroidery +
19.    mid century modern +
20.   home decor
+ indicates search terms new to the Top 20 compared with last month

Analysis of December’s Top 20 Etsy Keywords

Hope you all had a successful holiday selling season! Now that things are slowing back down, this is the perfect time to make some notes for the next one! Seriously: while it’s fresh on your mind! What worked? What glitched? Did you run out of any supplies? Anything surprise you? Type them up and put them in a tickler file to revisit in September

And make a note of these top keywords, too. Half of our Top 20 are perennial holiday keywords on Etsy. We see them every year. So, make a note to start targeting them in September 2022. Gifts for her; gifts for him; gifts for mom; personalized gifts; holiday decor. And the perennial top giftables every year: jewelry and earrings always make the list.

Some of these others are also annual favorites, so you should add them to your list. But include a note to do a bit of research because some of these are searches for the same thing but may go by slightly different keywords. Gifts for kids is a good example of this.

eRank reports showing Etsy trend data for the search term "gifts for kids" in the US and by country
Etsy trend data for the search term gifts for kids in the US and by country

Gifts for kids actually peaked in November this past year, with 291,032 searches, falling off in December to 108,153 – still plenty! Enough to secure its place in December’s Top 10 Etsy Searches. But look at its search volume back in December of 2020: 4,259 searches. Were we 184.845% more interested in gifts for kids this year? Lol no: we just changed the search term that we used to find them. A lot of us did. Which is why it is always a good idea to revisit keywords to be sure you’re using the most current.

Spike of the Month

A surprising example of how quickly a keyword for the same thing can go in and out of favor ranked #13 in December: holiday clothing. What’s to see here? Well, last month it was holiday apparel that was in our Top 20. Holiday clothing didn’t even rank anywhere in November’s Top 1000! In fact, have a look. On the line chart below, you can see the spike:

eRank graphs showing search trend data for the keyword "holiday clothing" on Etsy
Graphs showing data for the search term holiday clothing on Etsy

That was pretty much “zero to sixty.” No measurable search volume in November, then it spiked to 89,789 searches in December. Whereas November’s darling holiday apparel had 188,990 searches in November and sank to rank #727 in December with 11,470 searches, a 93.9% decrease. In just one month!

What’s the lesson here? We know holiday wearables are a perennial favorite. Whether it is matching family pajamas or ugly Christmas sweaters (btw: ugly christmas sweater ranked #176 in December, along with #719 ugly sweater and ugly christmas sweater men funny at #989), we know people buy them every year. Just make a note in your Seasonal file to use eRank’s keyword tools to verify what search terms they’re using to find them. Or include both holiday apparel and holiday clothing in your tags.

Tip: if you have a paid eRank subscription, make a September keyword list. That will automatically track how these seasonal search terms are doing.

Predictions for January and beyond

Our Pam Duthie chimed in this morning to say that mid century modern and minimalist are predicted to be massive for storage in January. For storage? Interesting!

Storage and organization ranked #31 in December on Etsy. We data geeks who comb through the keywords every day on all 24 of our platforms have noticed how often all sorts of storage items have been making many of those Top 100 lists. From storage ottomans to storage cabinets to storage benches to cube storage and more. Cube storage should be a winner. It’s mid century modern and minimalist, both! (As we noted in a recent Trend Report, there is a lot of overlap between these two styles.)

Storage of course has to be a continuing huge trend. So many more of us (and kids too) are squeezing our work and school into our living spaces. And what’s more, we’re putting a lot of it on camera and making it public! Whether Zooming for work and school or FaceTiming with family and friends, way more folks than ever before are seeing how we live. We think this will continue to drive searches for home decor and wall art.

Also hand in hand with all that Zooming and FaceTiming: skin care and press on nails. Earrings and necklaces. Tops like cool t-shirts with fun slogans. There were 15 shirt-related searches in December’s Top 1000. Wherever you sell, if you’re in anything related to pop culture, be sure to keep an eye on the Redbubble Top 100 searches.

eRank Trend Buzz report showing Redbubble's top search terms for the past 7 days
Trend Buzz report showing Redbubble’s top search terms for the past 7 days

Don’t miss that “Timeframe” drop-down feature shown above. It allows you to see data from the past week, 14 days, or 30 days.

Other trends that show no sign of ending?

Those related to diy and hobbies, gaming, cosplay, fantasy, and all things metaphysical. As well, health-related searches. Health-related searches are HUGE on Pinterest right now! And as goes Pinterest, so often goes Etsy. Here’s a sample from Pinterest’s Top 100 searches for the past 30 days:

eRank report showing search terms related to health on Pinterest for the past 30 days
Search terms related to health on Pinterest for the past 30 days

Of course, at least some of these feature every year in New Year’s Resolutions. So, add that to your Seasonal tickler file!

Prepare for what (for most of us) is a slow time for sales

For some of you who are new, how quickly it gets deathly quiet in January can be a shock. We’re here just to say that it’s normal. Especially for people who sell giftables. In fact, this subject comes up in eRank’s private Facebook group often enough that we wrote a blog post about it (linked below, under Resources).

Target the next holiday for which your items make suitable gifts. (We’re already seeing searches for Valentine’s Day and Easter!) Update your tags from Christmas to the next applicable holiday or season. But as always, remember: don’t change any bestsellers!

Five quick tips:

  • Use the down time to work on your shop, your skills, your product photography.
  • Do product research to learn what is selling now and try making and listing some of that.
  • Develop your social media following.
  • Look into doing some local trunk shows and/or prepare craft show applications.
  • Start making stock for next Christmas!

As always, you’re welcome to join us in the Facebook group to gripe or ask questions or offer ideas. With over 20,000 members, someone’s always around to help!


Here’s that blog post about what to do when it’s slow.

And here is eRank’s private Facebook group.

eRank’s Trend Buzz and Keyword Tool have 15 months of historical Etsy search data to help you understand recent trends in what’s selling on Etsy now, what did well this time last year, and help you spot what’s new. Together, they are the best way to track what’s hot (and what’s not) on Etsy.