Top Keywords on Etsy in May 2021

Top Keywords on Etsy in May 2021

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Wondering what to sell on Etsy? Here at eRank, we’re back again to take the guesswork out of your Etsy SEO and tags. We’ll show you the most popular search terms with shoppers. Then we’ll analyze what these trending keywords tell us about what’s selling best on Etsy now.

Top Etsy Searches May 2021

1.      fathers day gift +
2.      mothers day gift
3.      handmade jewelry +
4.     wall art +
5.     outdoor +
6.     personalized gifts
7.     gift box for women
8.     rings
9.     necklaces
10.    fathers day +
11.     earrings
12.    crystals
13.    plants
14.    stickers +
15.    woman clothing +
16.    bridesmaid gifts +
17.    personalized gifts for mom
18.    ring +
19.    lawn games +
20.   graduation gift

+ indicates which are new to the Top 20 compared with last month

20 Most Searched Keywords on Etsy

Wow! Half of these Top 20 Etsy search terms are new compared with last month’s. That is an unusually high rate of change. Of course, compared Year-on-Year (YoY) with May 2020, back then nine of the Top 20 searches were all mask-related. What a difference a year makes. The first search term with the word mask this May was down in 41st place. The next ranked 61st. And those two were the only ones to break into the Top 100. In fact, there were only seven mask-related keywords in the Top 1000 Etsy Searches in May 2021. Last May? There were 73.

Eight of our Top 20 searches are seasonal. Nine if we count bridesmaid gifts, along with searches related to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduation gifts. Outdoors, plants, and lawn games: people are heading outdoors. And away from online shopping, which is normal every year – with the exception of 2020 which was abnormal in pretty much every way.

Stickers have been popular consistently for years now. Back in May 2019, five sticker searches made the Top 1000. This May, there were fifteen. So, certainly a solid trend. But! If you aren’t already well established in that category, beware. Sticker profit margins are razor-thin, competition is fierce, intellectual property rights are all too easy to violate. And mail, at least in the US, is still shockingly dysfunctional. That means you need tracking, which adds up fast on low-cost items. In fact, if this trend report were a map, there would be a label pointing at stickers warning, “Here Be Dragons.”

We have the usual jewelry-related searches which normally make our Top 20 Keywords. Although that handmade jewelry search? That one actually is unusual. Two years ago, that keyword didn’t break into the Top 1000. One year ago, it ranked down at #695, with 14,257 searches. This May? 141,050 searches, a YoY increase of 889%! And Month-on-Month, in just 30 days this “handmade jewelry” search soared 1,953%! Crazy, right? Any theories?

While woman clothing is technically new to our Top 20, is it really? In April, womens clothing ranked 6th in our Top 20. (In May, that version of the keyword ranks 38th.) It’s actually the odd syntax of “woman clothing” that got our attention. But shoppers typed exactly that 79,394 times into Etsy’s search bar in May 2021.

In any case, it’s plain that womens clothing is trending. In May 2019, that search didn’t break into the Top 1000. Then in April 2021, it ranked 6th overall, with egad! 163,988 searches. That is a YoY increase of 5,130.8%. And while search volume for womens clothing is down from its high in April, its numbers remain impressive:

Line graph showing search volume for womens clothing in 2020 through May 2021

If you can’t read the print on that pop-up, it indicates 45,112 searches in May. And oh, by the way, did you hear Etsy just bought Depop? (And reportedly paid much of it in cash!) We’ll link an article about that below, under Resources.

Popular Search Terms on Etsy Now

What else was popular in May 2021? Here are some other trends we spotted. First to catch our eye were items related to Covid vaccines, with five search terms making the Top 1000. The highest ranking: #113 vaccinated pin. That was followed by vaccine cardholders; vaccinated, vaccination cardholder, and at #981, i’m vaccinated button.

In some individual Etsy categories these vaccine-related keywords ranked even higher. In Accessories’ Top 100, vaccinated pin took 5th place; vaccine cardholders was in 8th. Vaccination cardholder in 35th; vaccine hat in 41st, and vaccine card holder, in 51st. In Bags and Purses, five variations made the Top 100. In Bath, vaccinated mask was ranked 52nd. Obviously though, demand for all these is short-term, so plan accordingly.

In other news, mushroom and bee are both trending. Mushroom, mushroom earrings, and mushroom lamp all made May’s Top 1000 Keywords. While mushroom was down in May 2021 from its high in April of 23,747 searches, in neither May 2020 nor May 2019 did it even make the Top 1000. So, it appears mushroom is indeed a thing. And with a certainly worthy Click-Through Rate (CTR): a 12-mos average of 57%!

We can visualize the health of mushroom’s search volume with Keyword Explorer.

Line graph showing search volume for the term mushroom in all of 2020 through May 2021

Mushroom has been well up YoY since a high back in November 2020 (over 28,000 searches), rising higher yet in January 2021 (over 30,000). Let’s scroll down to the Related Searches table, where we can now sort our data by the Search Trend column (yay! Developers, we love this recent enhancement). This sort allows us to quickly assess recent popularity. The blue bars are May 2021.

Table showing data for keywords related to the search term mushroom over the past 15 months

And sure enough! In reviewing a draft of this report, our Pam Duthie recalled reading that Etsy had predicted mushrooms would spring up as a trend! Here’s a quote from that Seller Handbook article, filed under Seasonal Tips:

“Mushrooms are inspiring some of the biggest home decor trends, from lamps to tabletop statements like salt and pepper shakers. This fascination with fungi supports the larger cottagecore aesthetic with its roots in nature and fairytale forests. Their slightly cartoonish shape also makes them a great fit for children’s products.

from Etsy’s “Marketplace Insights: Spring and Summer 2021 Trends

Next, let’s look at bee. Geez Louise, bee has an average 12-mos CTR of 82%! Along with that single-word “bee” search, crochet bee, bee svg, minecraft bee, bee earrings, bee ring, bee necklace, and bee gifts all might be worth researching. Among just those, CTRs are especially promising (above 50%) for crochet bee, bee svg, bee earrings, bee ring, bee necklace (91%!) and bee gifts. And perhaps even better: with the exception of bee, competition is mostly low.

And strawberry! Three searches made May 2021’s Top 1000 Searches: strawberry candle, strawberry, and strawberry cow. Strawberry has a pretty awesome 12-mos CTR average of 69%. Below we see that it started high in 2021 (the red line), rising from December’s baseline of 38 searches to spike at 11,842. That right there was a MoM increase of 31,063%! (Is that some kind of record?) And while it dipped a bit in February, it’s been climbing ever since.

Line graph showing search volume for strawberry for the past 15 months

Scrolling down to the Related Searches to see what else is happening in strawberry, a quick glance shows us these might be worth researching. Strawberry earrings, strawberry hat, strawberry face mask, strawberry mask, along with some mad high CTRs. (117% for strawberry candle!)

A solid style trend we’ve had our eye on for over a year now and have mentioned before is cottagecore / cottage core. As one word, it ranked 86th in May 2021’s Top 1000 with 28,966 searches. As two words, it ranked 650th. Cottagecore dress ranked 660th; cottage core dress ranked 862nd. In the Clothing category, Cottagecore made the Top 100. There, cottagecore dress ranked 40th; cottage core dress 56th; and cottagecore clothing, 84th. Check out your own categories; we noticed it in several others. Notably art, jewelry, and decor with searches like cottagecore prints, cottagecore ring, and cottagecore tapestry.

And just a heads-up. A search term we spotted ranking 51st in Art and Collectibles’ Top 100 (and #635 overall) is starbucks cup. We bring it up just in case you haven’t heard yet. Etsy quietly amended their Prohibited Items Policy recently. At the end of this report under Resources, we’ll link to our coverage about this important topic. Short version: if you upcycle or alter branded products, please: you need to read that post.

Keywords Trending Down in May 2021

Sorry, Harry! but harry styles has dropped down to rank 199 in our Top 1000 searches. Not bad, but he made our Top 20 back in November with 164,009 searches. Never mind: we can’t use his name or likeness anyway.

And our mystery (still unsolved): moldavite.

Line graph showing search volume for the keyword moldavite for the past 15 months

Who knows what drove that trend. It even made Etsy’s Top 20 in April with 84,575 searches. Now, Moldavite is an obscure variety of natural glass formed by a meteor strike which occurred in one spot in Europe 15 million years ago. There just is not that much of it. Therefore, some of us had concerns about the authenticity of what some customers might have been buying. As Etsy sellers, fraud affects us all. So, we are a bit relieved to see customer demand dropping.

Etsy Search Term Spike of the Month

Something to watch? Ranking #722 in May 2021 was stl. That stands for “Standard Tessellation Language.” Used for 3D printing, an STL file describes the surface geometry of a three-dimensional object. There were 9,474 searches for stl in May 2021. Up from 1,028 in just one month. And up from zero a year ago.

Line graph showing search volume for the keyword SLT for the past 15 months

The shape form of things to come? Let’s talk about it!


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