Etsy Seller 2021 Holiday Mailing Deadlines and Delays!

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Fellow Etsy sellers, we know you’re busy, so here’s the tl;dr version: for your 2021 holiday mailing deadlines, add at least a week to what’s been published by shipping carriers (and by Etsy itself). Because whatever you can do to reduce disappointed customers at this time of year will count!

To save you blog reading time, we’ll have links for you direct to the sources at the end here under Resources. Etsy has published a Seller Handbook article and a subsequent forum announcement on this topic. They too contain useful information and links. And Etsy coach Starla Moore wrote a 2-part blog post for eRank with 10 things to do ahead of time to prep for the holidays. One of those tips, number 9, covered this topic. Back in early September, Starla predicted that Etsy, USPS, and other postal carriers would underestimate the lead time needed for packages to reach their destinations. We’ll link Part Two of that blog post below, too.

Here is what eRank suggests:

  • Review Etsy’s holiday deadlines (linked below).
  • If you ship in or to the states, review USPS deadlines (linked below), and whatever other carriers you use.
  • Pad these! (For instance, we think the December 23 cut-off for Priority Mail Express is overly optimistic for 2021.)
  • Add holiday shipping cut-off dates to your Etsy shop banner, listing photos, top of descriptions, and the “thank you” message that’s generated when an order is placed.
  • Word to the wise: expect stressed buyers worried that their orders will not arrive on time. Create some response templates (“snippets”).
  • Tips for new sellers: don’t over-promise; don’t wait to ship until the last minute. Be prepared for delays and items arriving after Christmas. Be prepared for negative feedback.
  • Tip for eRank members: use the Delivery Status report to track all your shipments in one handy place.
  • Tip for eRank members: use the Bad Buyer Check feature to make sure your buyers are not trying to scam you.

Best of luck, everyone!

2021 holiday mailing deadline RESOURCES:

Etsy’s Seller Handbook article on 2021 Holiday Mailing Deadlines

USPS 2021 holiday deadlines

Etsy’s forum / emailed announcement about 2021 Holiday Mailing Deadlines

Etsy coach Starla Moore’s blog post for eRank about 2021 Holiday Mailing best practices (scroll down to #9)

eRank’s Delivery Status report for monitoring shipments

eRank blog post about how to use the Delivery Status report

YouTube video about eRank’s brand-new feature, the Bad Buyer Check