About Us

About Us

Our Story

Wondering how to improve your Etsy sales? Are you spending countless hours trying to figure out SEO and keywords? Baffled why there’s so little traffic to your Etsy shop? Are you ready to give up? Don’t! We’re here for you!

At eRank, we know these struggles first-hand. Launching an Etsy shop. And then watching for orders, even a trickle. It can be discouraging. Waiting to hear that “cha-ching” on your phone. It can seem like forever. All the while asking yourself, “How can I get my shop and products noticed? There has to be a way!”

Hi, I’m Anthony Wolf, co-founder of eRank. This company grew out of a project to help my wife boost her Etsy traffic and sales in her shop. As it happened, I had a lot of experience to bring to bear. In my day job, I was a professional in the field. (I’ve worked on search engines and online shopping sites since 1999. I worked for Microsoft on their Bing Shopping service in Canada. Even won some awards for innovation and sales results.)

So, after researching Etsy help files and documentation, I built some tools. Shared them with my wife. Her shop sales increased quite a bit, and pretty quickly.

Combining my IT background and my wife’s entrepreneurial skills with our learnings from her now-thriving shop, we co-founded eRank. Initially known as EtsyRank, we launched in January 2016.

And now eRank is the #1 Etsy SEO site. We’re happy about sharing what we built with the Etsy community. And since our launch, we’ve grown a powerful team around us. Our customer care resources and subject matter experts all specialize in Etsy. This makes eRank a company custom-built for you and your shop.

Our Vision

From the beginning, we hoped eRank would do more than make my wife’s shop a success. We hoped to make a positive impact on the lives of other small business owners. We both had experienced income instability and daunting personal challenges. Just like so many of you. This is why we strive to help everyone selling on Etsy. To provide you with the tools to help you make a profit from your shops. Our mission is to bring you honest advice and tips based on best practices for Etsy. Our goal to help you grow, and help you harvest more from all your hard work. It’s in our motto: From Little Things, Big Things Grow.

Join Us!

We offer our members access to powerful analytics, keyword resources, and unique tools tailored to help you thrive in the ever-expanding Etsy marketplace.

We are committed to offering both free and low-cost plans. These were created to meet the needs of all types and levels of Etsy sellers. From those starting out with fewer than 10 listings, to those with 10,000+ sales and multiple shops. There is an eRank plan crafted to meet your needs.

Whether you are a newbie or an established top seller – we welcome and support you! We are here for you, to help you grow and succeed.

Thank you, and welcome to eRank!
Anthony Wolf, co-founder