Etsy’s Share & Save Program: Boost Your Shop’s Visibility

Publication date: February 18, 2024

Reading time:  5 minutes

If you’re an Etsy seller, you’re always on the lookout for opportunities to enhance your shop’s visibility and attract more customers, right? Well, good news—Etsy’s Share & Save Program is here to do just that. What is it and how can it be useful to your shop? Read on to find out!

What is it?

The Share & Save Program is a great marketing initiative designed to encourage Etsy sellers to share their shop in their individual marketing to drive their own traffic to their shop and listings in exchange for savings on their Etsy fees. It’s no cost to sellers to participate other than the time to share the link but can translate into some great savings and extra cash in sellers’ pockets. 

When a shopper clicks on your Share & Save shop link and purchases within 30 days of clicking the link, you receive a refund in the amount of 4% of the total order. And it’s not just a one time savings! Any time that shopper completes an eligible order within 30 days of clicking the link, you receive 4% of the total order. Therefore, it’s possible to receive savings from one customer multiple times within a 30 day time period, making a repeat customer very valuable to your shop’s finances.

How to Sign Up

Signing up is a simple process. In your Shop Manager, click on MARKETING in the menu and select SHARE & SAVE. Select JOIN NOW. Once you have joined the program, the option is available to use in your marketing until you select to opt out. 

Dashboard menu with MARKETING and SHARE & SAVE highlighted

How to Leverage

Your Share & Save link should be used as part of your Etsy shop’s regular marketing strategy. After you register for the program, locate the specific trackable link assigned to your shop on the Dashboard in your Shop Manager. The link will be in the format of

Share this link everywhere you post about your shop such as:

  • Social Media Bios
  • Social Media Posts
  • Business Cards
  • Marketing Emails
  • Newsletters

Provide this link to your friends and family to give out when they are asked about your Etsy shop. Need marketing ideas? Check out Etsy’s Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing.

NOTE: Share & Save links sent to buyers through Etsy Messages or placed within a listing description on Etsy will not count towards the Save & Save benefits. The Share & Save link is for use outside of the Etsy platform to drive customers to your shop. 

How Else to Use

In addition to sharing your entire shop, you can also share trackable links for specific listings to use for promotional offerings and marketing. To obtain the necessary link, go to LISTINGS in your Shop Manager and click the Gear Icon under the desired listing and select SHARE. Etsy will provide you with the Share & Save link for that specific product as well as offer to post it to social media—Facebook, Pinterest, and X—with a single click.

Listing Options (Gear Icon) menu showing with SHARE highlighted

Promo codes can also contain the Etsy Share & Save trackable link. To find the sharable link for a promo code, find the specific promo code in the MARKETING menu and click DETAILS, which will display the link for you to copy. 

Two additional uses of the Share & Save link are available only through the Etsy Seller App, which are trackable links for Reviews and Shop Sections. To share a review with a Share & Save Link, from the Home or Reviews section within the App, find the review that you wish to use and click the “…” icon and choose SHARE REVIEW. For the Shop Section, go to Listings, select the shop section, and select COPY LINK. 

Won’t This Hurt My Shop?

Many sellers believe that sharing their shop link outside of Etsy in social media, emails, newsletters, etc. actually hurts their Etsy shop. This is a completely FALSE MYTH. Etsy has created the Share & Save Program specifically for the purpose to encourage sellers to share their shop links outside of Etsy and drive more traffic to the platform. 

Etsy’s Share & Save Program is a fantastic opportunity for Etsy sellers to not only boost sales but also enhance their shop’s visibility on the platform. By encouraging sellers to drive customers to their Etsy shop, the program increases traffic to the platform and an Etsy seller’s  shop specifically in addition to the financial incentive for sellers.

Sharing your shop link—or listing link, promo links, and more—through the Share & Save Program only benefits you as a seller. So, if you haven’t already, start incorporating the Share & Save Program into your Etsy marketing strategy and watch your shop thrive!

To learn more about Etsy’s Share & Save Program, check out THIS ARTICLE on the subject.