Step-by-Step Process to Find Keywords

Publication date: June 10, 2024

Reading time: 2 minutes

Finding the right keywords for your Etsy listings can increase your items’ visibility and potentially lead to more sales. Follow this step-by-step guide to identify and utilize high-performing keywords.

Step 1: Brainstorm Keyword Ideas

    • Brainstorm potential keywords that describe your item—style, color, material, recipient, etc. You can add up to 13 tags to an Etsy listing, so aim to brainstorm at least 20 keywords to find the best 13 tags. This helps to maximize your visibility on Etsy.
    • Research keywords that your competitors use with the Competitor Tags tool or while browsing on using Sidekick, eRank’s Chrome extension.

    • Leverage eRank’s AI Listing Helper and Google search for more keyword inspiration.

    • Check the “Search Analytics” section in your Etsy Shop Manager for keywords that have already brought shoppers to your listings.

Step 2: Select the Top 13 Keywords

    • Add your brainstormed keywords in the Bulk Keyword Tool and click SEARCH to view important search statistics about each of your keyword ideas, such as average monthly search volumes and Etsy competition.

Sample Screenshot of the Bulk Keyword Tool
Bulk Keyword Tool

    • Click the star next to any keyword with a high monthly search volume and low Etsy competition to save it to a Keyword List.

    • Continue saving relevant terms with favorable search statistics to your keyword list using the Keyword Tool until you’ve collected 13 tags for your listing.

Sample Screenshot of the Keyword Tool
Keyword Tool

Step 3: Add Keywords to Your Etsy Listing

Watch how to use the Keyword List tool to save keywords and add 13 tags directly to your Etsy listing in just a few clicks:

    • Go to your Keyword List section on to find your saved keywords or click the floating blue button in the bottom left corner of your screen from the Keyword Tool page that displays your keyword list’s name and click VIEW LIST.

Keyword Lists

    • Pick out a few Superstar Keywords—keywords with optimum search volume and low competition—and work them into your title, description, and tags.

    • Click the checkbox in the top left corner of your list to select all of your keywords.

Keyword Lists


    • Click the copy icon in the Listing Builder to copy all 13 of your tags to your clipboard.

Sample screenshot of the Listing Builder
Keyword Lists

    • Paste the 13 keywords into the tag section of your Etsy listing and click ADD.

By following this checklist, you can optimize your Etsy listings with the most performing keywords for your items. This will help enhance your visibility and increases your chances of making sales.