How to Find Out What’s Selling on Etsy

Publication date: May 16, 2024

Reading time: 4 minutes

Trying to figure out what products to sell on Etsy? Or perhaps you’re looking for the best marketplace(s) for your items? If you need some direction, eRank’s Trend Buzz and Monthly Trends tools can help you out.

Trend Buzz provides daily, weekly, and monthly updates on some of the most popular marketplaces’ most searched terms. Monthly Trends lays out the past 15 months of trending keyword data for Etsy and is perfect for in-depth research. You’re sure to find the crafty inspiration you seek here. Perhaps you’ll even predict what is going to be the next big thing in the upcoming retail season!

A Note Regarding Trademarked Terms

Want to use some of the terms that you discover in your listings? Before you add them to your shop’s SEO, please heed the warning in the orange bar regarding trademarked terms. If you are unsure if a term or phrase is trademarked, visit the USPTO Trademark Database to search the word or phrase.

Check Out Current Retail Trends

Access Trend Buzz under the TRENDS section in the main menu. Trend Buzz helps you discover the top 100 most-searched terms on Etsy as well as other popular marketplaces. eRank updates this feature daily and flags the most popular search terms from the previous day. From here, you get a good sense of what types of items are currently selling on Etsy.

Use the first dropdown menu in the blue bar to choose for which country you would like to view data and select a timeframe from the second dropdown menu. For the 30-day timeframe, this feature also lists the following information for Etsy. However, please note that this information is specific to the US:

  • Most searched colors
  • Top 100 most searched Products
  • Most searched Recipients
  • Top 100 most searched Styles
  • Top 100 most searched Materials
Screenshot of the Trend Buzz Keywords tab showing country and timeframe selection options
Trend Buzz

Want to see how quickly each of these keywords rose to fame? Take a look at the trend graphs in the “Search Trend” column under the KEYWORDS tab. These graphs display each keyword’s changes in popularity over the past 15 months. Some terms spike in popularity within the space of a month, while others have a slow and steady rise. When a keyword rises and falls in popularity throughout the year, it is usually a seasonal keyword related to holidays and specific recurring events.

Spot which trends are rapidly rising or falling out of favor with the “Change” column on the far right. Increases in popularity are denoted in green, while decreases are denoted in red. “Hot” next to a green arrow means that keyword is quickly increasing in popularity.

Screenshot from Trend Buzz tool demonstrating the info provided such as Search Trend graph and change up or down
Trend Buzz

Under the remaining five tabs, the Relative Popularity column compares the popularity of the different terms. In other words, see how many searches each term on the list received over the past 30 days compared to the others. This helps you refine your creative inspiration before you start to design your rendition of the latest trends.

Screenshot from Trend Buzz tool showing the Relative Popularity tab and the data displayed
Trend Buzz

Use Past Keyword Data to Predict Upcoming Trends

Like Trend Buzz, Monthly Trends is found under the TRENDS section of the main menu. This feature allows you to browse the most popular Etsy keywords in over a dozen categories. Each category includes 15 months of historical data, making it easy to see how search traffic for each term has ebbed and flowed over this extended period.

Select the category that best fits your niche from the list of categories on the left to view its top keywords. The dropdown menu in the blue bar is used to select a specific month to view the top keywords. The “Filter keywords…” field in the blue bar lets you narrow your search for a specific term or phrase, which is useful when investigating the performance of specific keywords. You should search keywords related to your products to see if anything similar has been selling well on Etsy over the past 15 months.

On the right is the “Search Trend” column similar to the one in Trend Buzz. The “Etsy Searches” column shows you the estimated number of searches for that keyword on Etsy within the month you specified, allowing you to determine if a term is actually popular or if it has simply increased in popularity.

Screenshot from Monthly Trends report showing data available including Etsy Keywords, Trend Graph, and number of Etsy Searches
Monthly Trends

Use Keyword Lists to Keep Track of What You Find

Did you know that you can click the star next to any keyword to add it to one of your Keyword Lists? Take a shortcut to your most recently edited list by clicking the floating blue button at the bottom of the page. Keyword lists are a great way to keep track of keywords that you intend to use for different items, seasons, holidays, and more.

For more information about using Keywords lists, check out our blog article Harness the Power of Keyword Lists on eRank.

Screenshot from Monthly Trends showing the ability to select Categories as well as selecting the star next to a keyword to add to a keyword list

Create Some Bestsellers

eRank’s Trend Buzz and Monthly Trends tools provide you with important direction in deciding what and where to sell. These tools also provide guidance with your current products by sharing what keywords are still being searched and which are not as popular, allowing you to make adjustments when needed. With some time, patience, and experimentation, you’re sure to find keywords that help you make additional sales on Etsy!