Summer Photography Tips For Your Etsy Shop

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Publication Date: July 20th, 2023

Capturing the spirit of summer in your product photos is essential to attracting potential customers to your Etsy shop. Summer is all about sunny days, warm colors, and a relaxed, carefree vibe. By incorporating these elements into your product photography, you can create eye-catching images that draw in shoppers and showcase your products in the best possible light. Here are some summer photography tips for Etsy sellers to help you capture the essence of the season and boost sales.

Make Use of Natural Light

Natural light is your best friend when it comes to capturing the essence of summer in your product photos. Aim to shoot during the “golden hours” – the first and last hours of sunlight – when the light is soft, warm, and diffused. This will give your images a beautiful glow and help you avoid harsh shadows that can detract from your products.

Incorporate Summer Props and Backgrounds

To create a summery atmosphere in your product photos, consider incorporating props and backgrounds that evoke the season. This could include beach towels, sunglasses, tropical plants, or even a pool or beach setting. Get creative with your props and backgrounds but remember not to overcrowd the image or distract from the product itself.

Embrace Summertime Colors

Summer is the season of bright, cheerful colors. Do not be afraid to incorporate them into your product photos. Think bright blues, yellows, oranges, and pinks, as well as earthy greens and neutrals. Consider using colorful backdrops or props that complement your products and add visual interest to your photos. Experiment with different color combinations and see what works best for your brand.

Showcase Your Products in Outdoor Settings

One of the best ways to capture the spirit of summer is to showcase your products in outdoor settings. Take advantage of warm weather and beautiful outdoor locations to create lifestyle images that show your products in use. For example, photograph a beach bag on the sand, a picnic blanket in a park, or a sun hat near a pool. These images will help potential customers envision how they can incorporate your products into their summer activities.

Keep it Simple 

While it is important to create a visually interesting backdrop for your product photos, it is also important to keep the focus on the products themselves. Avoid cluttered backgrounds or props that detract from the main attraction. Instead, opt for simple clean backdrops that showcase your products in the best possible light. The goal is to make your products stand out, not the background.


Summer photography is an important aspect of marketing your Etsy shop during the season. By using natural light, incorporating summertime colors, creating a visual atmosphere, keeping it simple, and showing your products in outdoor settings, you can create visually appealing product photos that capture the essence of summer and attract potential customers. Your product photos are often the first point of contact between your brand and potential customers. Therefore, it is important to take the time to create high-quality images that showcase your products in the best possible light.