Listings Grades

Listings Grades

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Quick Summary

A letter-grading system designed to help you choose and prioritize which listings may need optimizing to improve their performance.


Using this report to sort your listings by SEO Grades, SEO Suggestions, and Visibility helps you identify and prioritize your most under-performing listings. Get suggestions to improve SEO, and quick access to eRank’s tools for exploring deeper, editing, and tracking the changes you make.

How to Use

For easy access, you can reach the Grades report several ways: from the main menu under Listings > Grades; from the Available Reports menu at the top of any Listings report page; or by clicking the orange Listing Audit button wherever it appears. Use the Grades report to analyze how well each component of your listing’s structure conforms to the best practices outlined in The Ultimate Guide to Etsy Search and Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Click on the orange Listing Audit button beneath each listing’s title to examine that listing in stages, stepping through sections such as Suggestions, Listing Statistics, Title Analysis, and more. As you work through the sections, keep an eye out for the orange “?” tooltips icons; hovering over them will offer additional information, clarification, or instructions.    Once on the Listing Audit page you will see your item’s thumbnail and title. If you have just made changes to this listing in your Etsy shop, click the red Refresh button floating in the lower right corner of your screen to refresh the data for just this listing (note that using the orange Refresh Data button located in the top right corner of the main menu bar will refresh all of your data, which takes longer).    When considering the SEO Grade, always keep in mind that on eRank, an SEO Grade only reflects how closely eRank has found the various components of your listings are adhering to Etsy’s best practices. An SEO Grade cannot assess how accurately your keywords describe your product, for instance, so your choice of keywords is not factored into a SEO Grade.   Next, review what eRank offers in the Suggestions section. Below that, find the Listings Statistics area, which highlights key data to help you assess your listing’s performance. Continue down the Listing Audit page to examine every other listing component: title, tags, attributes, category, description, images, and processing time. Time spent exploring the information and links provided in each section of the Listing Audit will help you learn and employ good SEO habits.  

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members.