Black Friday on Etsy, Amazon & eBay

Black Friday on Etsy, Amazon & eBay

Black Friday 2020 on Amazon is rumored to be in October this year, so now’s the time to discover the most searched keywords and top search terms on all three marketplaces and sharpen your 2020 SEO.

First, let’s look back to what were the popular search terms on Black Friday 2019 on Etsy, Amazon, and eBay. The contrast between Etsy and the other two you can see at a glance! Here are the Top Ten for each:

gift for hernintendo switchnintendo switch
personalized giftlaptoptv
homeiphone 8 plusairpods
men’s giftschevrolet corvetteair fryer
giftsiphone xrssd
clothingiphone xwireless earbuds
baby yodaps4instant pot
accessoriesapple watch series 3chromebook
holiday decorationsiphone 7weighted blanket

With the possible exception of Amazon’s No. 10 (weighted blanket), none of the rest of Amazon’s and none of eBay’s Top 10 are handcrafted. And with the possible exception of eBay’s Chevrolet Corvette, none are vintage, either. Whereas when we turn to Etsy’s Top Ten, the data proves again that Etsy rules the personalized touch and shopping for that special something for your loved ones. Notice as well that none of Etsy’s Top Ten are brands — not even Baby Yoda, strictly speaking.

Disney’s Big Miss

What a fascinating case this little guy’s is! Because yes, you bet, Star Wars fans are already scouring the retail universe for Baby Yoda, the breakout hit character in the new Disney+ series, The Mandalorian.

Baby Yoda has in fact already been predicted to be this year’s hottest gift – and yet it doesn’t exist. According to Friday’s New York Post, “… the products aren’t available for the festive season because the show’s creators wanted to keep the character under wraps before its Nov. 12 premiere on Disney’s streaming service.”

Oh my: just how much money will that decision cost Disney? We noticed that someone was ransacking an Etsy subreddit a couple of days ago for a customized Baby Yoda plushie gift. Commenters there pointed out that Etsy sellers can’t list them due to intellectual property concerns. Nevertheless, this morning when we typed “Baby Yoda” into Google search, the first result was “Baby Yoda plush” and four of the five sponsored items pictured were on Etsy.

Etsy’s Black Friday Top Searches compared with Amazon and eBay

Gift appeared four times in Etsy’s Top Ten. We’ve remarked before upon Etsy’s outsized share of the online gift shopping market; this Black Friday data appears to back that up.

The rest of Etsy’s Black Friday Top 100 searches that contained the word “gift(s):” gift for pet; Christmas gifts; gifts for him; sister gift; teacher gifts; gift basket; gifts for mom; engagement gift; gifts for her; cat lover gift; grandparent gifts; grandma gift; and gift for her (singular).

Home was No. 3 on Etsy. Etsy’s Top 100 searches included four for décor alone, another no-show for Amazon and eBay … but not so fast! Amazon actually had plenty of household items (the four in its Top 10, plus vacuum cleaner; Roomba; blender; microwave; desk; two types of coffeemaker; rice cooker; air purifier; toaster oven). On eBay, the first home-related item was at #31, Kitchenaid mixer; followed by air fryer; tv; sound bar … and then, at #70, we see Rae Dunn, a brand of fine handmade pottery (yay, eBay!). Then vintage at #80; antique clock at #90; solar lights; antiques; and at #100, Damascus knife, which could be cutlery or even décor, right?

Jewelry was No. 5 on Etsy, and the word “jewelry” appeared in three more searches in Etsy’s Top 100 (Family Jewelry at #25; Jewelry Handmade at #38; and Jewelry for Best Friends at #42. Yet here again, we have an Etsy Top 10 search appearing nowhere in Amazon Top 100.

Drilling down a bit, when we compare the three Top 100 lists for types of jewelry, Etsy had Earrings at #14; Enamel Pin at #18; Ruby Ring at #39; and Monogram Necklace at #63. No searches on Amazon or eBay for “earrings”, nor for “enamel pin,” or “necklace.”  This was surprising. While Amazon did have “ring” at #44, along with Apple watch; smart watch; and Apple watch series 3 in its Top 100, Black Friday on Amazon is renowned for tech, and this year was no exception. So for those of you jewelry artists listing on Amazon who were feeling down about a lack of sales last Friday, it wasn’t personal.

And looking more closely at eBay, we see keywords with Apple watch at #9 and again at #13; “jewelry” at #35, followed soon after by Rolex (vintage Rolexes, anyone?); silver at #46; vintage (which could be anything, including jewelry); and another watch at #89.

Next, we look at Clothing, Etsy’s #7, and Accessories, #9. While neither entry appears as such in either of the other two platforms’ Top 100, once more by drilling down we see eBay has Nike at 11; shoes at 40; boots at 44; Adidas at 48; Coach at 60; Dooney Bourke handbags at 75; and men’s shoes at 92.

 One takeaway might be that because Amazon and eBay are both so sprawling and massive, a search like “jewelry” on Etsy would just be too unhelpfully broad on these sites.

 Holiday Decorations rounds out Etsy’s Top Ten, ranking at #10. While Amazon had nothing for “holiday,”  it had “Christmas Decorations” at #25. Over on eBay, nothing in its Black Friday Top 100 related to “holiday”, “decorations” or “Christmas.” Bah humbug, eBay! 

(Just kidding!) Actually, we know these three marketplaces are shopped for sometimes surprisingly divergent goods. This is what we data geeks at eRank find endlessly interesting about these data sets, and love to share with you to help you decide which basket is the best fit for your “eggs.”

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