The Benefits of Connecting Your Etsy Shop to eRank

Publication date: March 5, 2024

Reading time:  5 minutes

Connecting your Etsy shop to eRank is a strategic move that can significantly enhance your shop’s performance and increase your chances of success on the platform. eRank, a comprehensive Etsy analytics and SEO tool, offers a range of features designed to empower Etsy sellers. By connecting your Etsy shop to the platform, you are able to access all of eRank’s tools, depending on your plan level. 

Optimize Your Listings

Crafting compelling and optimized listings is crucial for attracting potential buyers. eRank’s Listing Audit feature evaluates your product listings and provides actionable suggestions for improvement based upon how well your listing “checks the boxes” as discussed in Etsy’s The Ultimate Guide to Etsy Search and Google Search Essentials

To access this feature, select Active Listings from the LISTINGS menu. A report displays a list of the items in your Etsy shop. (NOTE: It is best to refresh your data before viewing this report). Under each item’s listing is a LISTING AUDIT button, which when selected performs an audit of that particular item listing and provides a variety of different listing metrics such as sales performance, conversion rate, daily views, and more. 

Picture of Active Listings for eRank store with Listing Audit button highlighted

Monitoring your shop’s performance is essential for making informed decisions. By understanding how shoppers interact with your shop, you can refine your strategy, improve underperforming listings, and capitalize on your best-sellers.

Listing Audits are available for free and paid versions of eRank with the number of allowed daily audits depending on your plan. Read more about Listing Audits HERE.

eRank’s Health Check Tool—located under the LISTINGS menu—is another analytic tool to aid you in optimizing your listing by identifying missing tags, missing images, spelling errors, and single word tags to help increase the effectiveness of your listings. It provides a quick list of possible issues that might reduce your listing views. This tool is available for all eRank plans with more information available HERE.

Picture of Health Check report for eRank's Etsy shop

Track Your Listing Changes

Oftentimes, Etsy shop owners make various changes to their listings only to find that the results are not exactly what they intended. Wouldn’t it be nice to easily remember exactly what changes were made when? If your shop is connected to eRank, you have the ability to track the changes that you make to your listings and know what to revert to when your changes do not perform the way you wanted.

Before making any changes to a listing, find that item in the Active Listings report (located under the LISTINGS menu) within eRank and select the button to TRACK CHANGES. Any changes made afterwards are tracked by eRank. If you later need to revert to a previous version of the item listing , you are able to access the information and make the necessary changes.

Picture of the Active Listings report for eRank's Etsy shop with the Track Changes buttons highlighted

All eRank plans allow users to track at least one listing (free plan) up to 50 listings (expert plan). If interested in learning more about tracking your changes with the help of eRank, you can access more information HERE.

View Your Sales

eRank’s Sales Report allows you to track to where your Etsy shipments are delivered and view your shop’s total sales by country over a specific period of time, all in one spot. Accessed in the SHOP menu, the Sales Report includes a Sales Map as well as a Sales by Country section, showing you where your customers are located and how much that they have purchased from your shop. The Sales Report is available as a part of all paid eRank plans and more information about this tool available HERE.

Picture of the Sales Map for eRank's Etsy stores with states highlighted indicating sales

Image of Sales by Country map for eRank's Etsy shop

View Your Delivery Statuses

An often overlooked tool in the eRank toolbox is the ability to track your orders’ deliveries with the Delivery Status tool, which is found under the SHOP menu. With the Delivery Status Report, you are able to view quickly and easily the shipping status of your shop’s shipped orders from within the past 30 days, allowing you to identify any potential delays or issues and notify your customers, if needed. This tool is extremely helpful during busy times such as the winter holiday season. 

Image of Delivery Status Report for eRank's Etsy shop

The Delivery Status tool is available to all of the paid plan versions of eRank. Learn more about it HERE.

Connect Your Shop to eRank

Once you have set up your eRank account, go to the settings page and scroll down to the YOUR SHOPS section. You will see the option to CONNECT YOUR SHOP. Clicking the connection option will take you to Etsy, where you are asked if it is okay to give eRank access to your shop’s data. Review the full message and click GRANT ACCESS when you are ready to share your shop’s data with eRank. For full step-by-step instructions, view THIS ARTICLE in eRank’s help knowledgebase.

Keeping Your Data Private is Important to eRank

eRank understands how important security and privacy are for Etsy sellers. However, connecting your shop to eRank is a secure and easy process. eRank only has the ability to read your shop’s data, not to make changes to or modify your Etsy listings in any way. In addition, eRank does not share with or sell your data to any other companies. Think of it as a direct conversation between your shop and eRank that is solely meant as a benefit to you.

Connecting your Etsy shop to eRank is a strategic move that provides a wealth of tools and insights to optimize your shop’s performance. From listing optimization to competitive analysis and sales tracking, eRank empowers Etsy sellers to make informed decisions, stay ahead of the competition, and ultimately increase their chances of success on the platform. If you are serious about taking your Etsy shop to the next level, connecting to eRank is definitely a step in the right direction.