Fall Color Trends For Your Etsy Shop

Publication date: August 10, 2023

Reading time: 3 minutes

Soon enough, the leaves will begin to change and the air will turn crisp. Now is the time to prepare for the autumn Etsy season and infuse your handmade creations with the captivating colors of fall. The 2023 Fall Color Trends of galactic cobalt, sage leaf, astro dust, digital lavender, and apricot crush (according to Worth Global Style Network) offer endless inspiration for Etsy sellers looking to create unique and eye-catching products using these captivating fall colors

Galactic Cobalt Accessories

Galactic cobalt, a deep and mysterious blue, can be incorporated into various accessories to add a touch of elegance and intrigue. Create knitted or crocheted scarves, hats, and gloves using yarns in this rich blue shade. Handmade leather handbags, adorned with accents in galactic cobalt, provide a sophisticated and on-trend accessory for the fall season.

Sage Leaf Home Decor

Sage leaf, an earthy green reminiscent of nature’s tranquility, is ideal for handmade home decor items. Design and create throw pillows, pillow covers, and table runners in this calming hue. Incorporate sage leaf into woven or macramé wall hangings, bringing a touch of the outdoors inside. Hand-painted ceramic planters or clay pots in this earthy green can also add a pop of color to any living space.

Astro Dust Jewelry

Astro dust, a shimmering and ethereal color, can be utilized to create stunning handmade jewelry pieces. Incorporate astro dust in delicate wire-wrapped pendants, earrings, or bracelets, using semi-precious stones or crystals. Experiment with resin to capture the sparkle of stardust, creating unique resin jewelry pieces that capture the imagination.

Digital Lavender Clothing

Digital lavender, a soft and soothing shade, lends itself beautifully to handmade clothing items. Design and create cozy sweaters, cardigans, or ponchos using yarns or fabrics in this modern and trendy color. Hand-dye fabrics in digital lavender and sew comfortable loungewear or sleepwear, perfect for relaxing during the fall season.

Apricot Crush Accessories

Apricot crush, a warm and invigorating hue, can be incorporated into various accessories to add a pop of color. Knit or crochet headbands, scrunchies, or boot cuffs in this vibrant shade to complement fall outfits. Handmade tote bags or purses in apricot crush create a stylish and practical accessory for everyday use.

Combining Colors

The beauty of these fall color trends lies in their ability to complement and enhance one another. Experiment with combining galactic cobalt and sage leaf for a nature-inspired palette. Mix digital lavender and astro dust for a dreamy and celestial feel. Create unique handmade items by blending these fall colors to capture the essence of the season.

Marketing and Presentation

When listing your handmade items on Etsy, it’s crucial to showcase them effectively. Capture high-quality photographs that highlight the vibrancy and richness of the fall colors used. Style your products with natural elements that evoke the season, such as fallen leaves or acorns. In your product descriptions, emphasize the use of galactic cobalt, sage leaf, astro dust, digital lavender, and apricot crush to attract customers searching for on-trend fall pieces.


The fall color trends of galactic cobalt, sage leaf, astro dust, digital lavender, and apricot crush offer Etsy sellers a world of creative possibilities. From accessories to home decor, jewelry, clothing, and more, these captivating colors can elevate your handmade items and attract customers looking for on-trend pieces for the fall season. Embrace the richness and versatility of these fall colors, experiment with combinations, and let your creativity shine through. By infusing your handmade creations with these captivating shades, you can create unique and sought-after products that capture the essence of fall and resonate with customers on Etsy.