Etsy Buying Habits

Etsy Buying Habits – 2022

This report was created to give sellers actionable advice that will help grow their Etsy businesses. Just before Thanksgiving each year, eRank surveys 1,000 people in the US who have recently purchased from Etsy. Their responses are reviewed and summarized into this report.

6 Key Findings

1. Communicate Delays

83.8% of surveyed buyers said that it was particularly important to notify them of a shipping delay. Clear communication with your buyers can help ease the pain when packages get delayed.

2. Photos Matter

81.9% of the people surveyed said that photos were very important to the buying experience. Additionally 68% said quality photos that accurately represent the item would increase their trust in a shop. Having high-quality photos that clearly represent your product is a sure way to convert more buyers.

Photos Matter

3. Descriptions Are Important

81.4% said that product descriptions were an important part of their purchasing experience. Focus on writing each description so that they are easy to read and provide clear product details.

Descriptions are important

4. Build Buyer Trust

81% said that good reviews help them trust a shop. Just having  reviews on your shop isn’t enough to create buyers. 69% said that a shop’s star rating was very important when deciding to buy from a shop. Provide your customers with an experience that makes them happy to leave a 5-star rating.

Build Buyer Trust

5. Don’t Overlook Birthdays

Overall, 90.6% of buyers said Etsy is a great place to buy gifts. 52.8% of people said that they buy birthday gifts on Etsy. Leverage this evergreen occasion by working birthdays into your keyword, product, and marketing plans.

Don't overlook birthdays

6. Etsy Buyers Are High Earners

Over 41.4% reported income over the US median household income.* Consider offering a mix of product price points that target multiple income levels.

*According to, the 2021 Median household income in the US was $70,784.

Etsy buyers are high earners

A Look At Buyer Income

As part of our survey, we asked participants about their household income. The results are below:

A look at buyer income

Creating Repeat Buyers

Repeat buyers are a great source of income for many sellers. We asked buyers what it takes to turn them into a repeat customer.

Product Quality

66.7% of buyers indicated that product quality was an important part of deciding to buy from a shop again. Make sure you are providing your customers with the highest-quality product possible.

Free Shipping

People seek out free shipping thanks to platforms like Amazon. In our survey, 44.5% of participants said free shipping would influence their decision to buy from a shop again. Where practical, consider providing free shipping.

Fast Shipping

Buyers are willing to wait for handmade and personalized products from Etsy. However, don’t be too slow. 30.4% of those interviewed indicated that fast shipping would influence their decision to purchase from a shop again.

Seller Responsiveness

Communicating with your buyer is important. Keeping them in the loop helps build confidence in their decision to buy from you. 21.2% of the participants said that good communication would be part of their decision to buy from a seller again.

Coupon Code

Offering coupon codes with a purchase can provide incentive for a customer to buy from a shop again. 13.4% of the participants said a coupon would entice them to buy from a shop a second time.

Honorable Mentions

There are a few other things you can do to help people buy from your shop again. Nice packaging for your orders, free items with orders, and personalized notes from the seller will help earn repeat buyers.

Recommended Actions For Sellers

Understanding the behavior of buyers is important in trying to provide them with the experience they expect. Using the key findings outlined in this report you can begin to tailor your shop to provide buyers with an experience that will keep them coming back.


Invest in photography for your Etsy business. Research ways to take excellent product photos or get some training to improve your photography skills. Based on our findings, any investment in photography has a high likelihood of increasing your sales.


Revisit all your product descriptions and make sure they are providing value to your potential customers. Use easy-to-read language, written to help describe your product to your customers. Also, optimize your descriptions to include relevant keywords and phrases.


Communication is important to buyers. Be sure to promptly notify customers of any delays in shipment.

Free Shipping

Free shipping is important to buyers. Offer it wherever possible and build the average cost of shipping into your product’s price.


Reviews are important to buyers. Providing buyers with a great experience will increase the number of positive reviews you get.

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