Finding Help on eRank

Welcome to eRank! With such a large library of tools, reports, and features, we understand that it’s possible to feel overwhelmed at first, so we just want to take a few minutes to point out some of the ways you can get help with using eRank to improve your Etsy SEO and grow your Etsy shop.

First: Tooltips!

Have you noticed the little orange question-mark icons that are peppered all over eRank pages? These are called tooltips – and they are just that: tips for using the tool at hand.

Hovering your mouse over any one of these question marks will bring up the relevant “tip” for that particular aspect of the tool. It might simply define a bit of trade jargon, or explain an acronym:

Click on the question mark to freeze the tooltip’s text. Then you can click on any of the links it has to learn more. When you’re done, just click again to unfreeze and collapse the tooltip popup.

Help Files!

On every eRank page, there is a green “Help” button.

Click on it and a black window will slide out with a detailed Help file explaining the features and operations of the current page you’re on. Here on the right below is the beginning of the Help file for eRank’s Keyword Explorer.

Also here, arrayed as buttons across the top of every Help file, you can access our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs); a Features overview; and our Beginner’s Guide.

When you’re done with any Help file, just click on that X (circled in red above) to close the Help window.

Remember to Refresh the Data!

We recommend that each time you begin a session on eRank, you start by hitting that orange “Refresh Data” button, and again after you’ve made changes over on Etsy. Doing this ensures that your listing data is up-to-date on eRank.

But Wait! There’s More!

We hope this helps you get started on eRank! And if you have any other questions, you can always hit the blue “Feedback” button in the lower right corner of every eRank page. This will generate an email to a member of our eRank team, so keep an eye out in your email for a reply.

YouTube Videos!

Here is a one-minute YouTube video version of this blog post; it’s on eRank’s YouTube channel, where you’ll find more detailed how-to and demo videos.

And finally: Our Private Facebook Community!

We also have a private Facebook group just for eRank members; click here if you would like to join. It’s a large, friendly, and supportive community where you can always find help with using eRank. Once you join, feel free to browse the threads you’ll find there; they are full of tips posted by experienced Etsy shop owners on how they use eRank to manage and grow their Etsy shops. And we have regular live Q&A sessions there in the group hosted by eRank creator Anthony Wolf. You can also find past Q&A videos on a range of topics there in the left side menu under Videos.

Thank you so much for choosing eRank. We look forward to seeing you around!