Google Analytics 4 for Etsy Shops

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Publication date: July, 11th 2023

Google announced that its Universal Analytics would stop processing data on July 1, 2023. And that used to be the only way Etsy could integrate with Google Analytics (GA). Luckily for those of us who use GA, Etsy now supports Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

However, the changeover is not automatic. You will need to head over to your Google Analytics account and migrate from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4.

For those of you who already use Google Analytics, here’s a handy guide we’ve made to help you migrate to GA4.

And for those of you who have yet to set up Google Analytics, we urge you to give it a try! Want to know exactly where on the web your traffic comes from? Curious about what keywords they used to find your business? You get that and so much more, especially now with GA4. We made a simple, step-by-step tutorial that takes you through setting it up for your Etsy shop.

A new approach

Compared with the old version, Google Analytics 4 does things a bit differently. Instead of just relying on cookies and sessions, GA4 uses a system that tracks events. This means it now captures even more detailed information about how people interact with your Etsy shop, website or app, no matter what device they’re using. Whether it’s a computer, smartphone, or even if they engage with your business offline, GA4 can keep track of it all.

Better insights across platforms

One of the best things about GA4 is that it lets you see how people engage with your business across different platforms. For example, if someone visits your website on their computer, then uses your app on their phone, GA4 combines that information to give you a complete picture of their journey. By capturing this broader range of activity, GA4 enables you to understand your visitors better so you can make improvements that enhance every visitor’s experience.

Smart insights with AI

GA4 takes advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide you with smart insights. Machine learning enhances its ability to discover trends; identify user groups; even make predictions! And you don’t need to be a data expert to benefit from GA4’s insights. It does all the heavy lifting for you.

Putting customers at the center

To run a successful business, knowing your customers is vital. Where GA used to just count visits, GA4 reports on each individual visitor’s journey. Learn how people discover your business; how they engage with it; and whether they keep coming back. With this knowledge, you can tailor your marketing efforts, create meaningful connections, and build loyalty.

Privacy and control

Privacy is important, and GA4 understands that. Its features prioritize user privacy and give you better control over your data. Now you can manage settings like data deletion, consent management, and user privacy preferences. By respecting user privacy and complying with data regulations, GA4 ensures that you can gather valuable insights while keeping user trust intact.

How this affects eRank members

To report what keywords are driving traffic to your shop, eRank’s Traffic Stats tool draws from data that GA collects. Now that Universal Analytics has been discontinued, the only way to get that data is through Google Analytics 4. So, if you like using eRank’s Traffic Stats tool, you’ll want to upgrade to GA4 as soon as you can.

To help you gain an in-depth understanding of how to use GA4, Anthony did a live session. You can watch a recording of that here.