Marketing Material Ideas For Your Etsy Shop

Reading time: 4.5 minutes

Exciting marketing materials can keep your customers coming back again and again. Today were going to look at a few types of marketing materials that your customers will love.

These are the marketing materials that you and your customers can physically hold. Think things like postcards, stickers, and business cards. Many of these items have been used for decades in many different capacities and have proven effective in keeping your brand and products top of mind. Consider adding some of the following items into the marketing plan for your Etsy shop.

Thank you card and pen

Thank You Cards

One of the easiest ways to let your customers know you care is to include some sort of thank you message in with every order you send out. This can be as simple as writing a quick thank you note on the packing slip, all the way up to designing and ordering beautiful postcards with a message to your customers.

Business Cards

The old standard. Business cards have long been used in networking situations to share contact information about a business. While having traditional business cards with your name and contact information on them is a good idea, (you never know when you may find yourself discussing your business with someone new!) consider getting creative with the format.

Just because business cards are expected to be a certain way traditionally doesn’t mean you need to stick to that. Consider them like a mini billboard where you can stick whatever message you want on them.

Do you sell art or photography in your shop? Perhaps you could do business card sized prints to include with your order. Have a small furniture business? Make business cards with instructions that explain how to care for your products. They don’t even have to be shaped like a traditional business card. For example, bookmarks would promote your brand, while providing people with a useful tool.


Who doesn’t love getting stickers from their favorite brands? Stickers are a great way to include some fun branding with your order. You could even pair this with your social media by encouraging buyers to share a photo of their sticker on Instagram or Facebook.

Stickers can easily be purchased in various quantities online and are often affordable. Check out sites like and to see prices for bulk stickers.

Branded Packing Materials

Unless you are only selling digital goods, then you are going to need to package up your orders before you send them out. Just like Amazon’s packaging serves as a billboard for their brand, yours can too. Branded bags, boxes, tissue paper and more can all be had from many places online that specialize in selling these types of products.

Unique Marketing Items

Have a cool idea for something you can use to market your shop? Why not create something unique that highlights your brand and your skills.

Let’s say you had an Etsy shop with a focus on 3d printed items. You could design a 3d printed business card or post card that looks like the parts from a model kit. Recipients of this card could then pop out all the pieces from your card and make a cool little item. Talk about memorable.

Start Marketing

Hopefully these ideas for marketing materials get your creative juices flowing so you can start growing your brand further. Adding a few creative touches to your packing and overall marketing plan can go a long way in showing your customers that you really take pride in your work.