Need Help Writing Etsy Listings?

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Publication date: June 30, 2023

Could you use some help writing your Etsy listing titles, descriptions and tags? Have you tried using Artificial Intelligence (AI) yet? We actually have a couple posts about how you might put AI to work in your Etsy shop. We’ll link those here at the end under Resources.

And, guess what? Our trusty eRank developers have made an OpenAI-powered tool to add to the lineup! So, without further ado, we introduce: Listing Helper.

What does Listing Helper do?

Have you ever gotten writer’s block while writing your Etsy listings? Or wished there were a way to get help wording your titles, descriptions, and tags? Listing Helper to the rescue!

This tool offers suggestions based on any prompt you give it. For those of you new to AI, a “prompt” serves as the starting point for the AI’s thought process. From your prompt, Listing Helper provides a variety of title, description, and tag ideas.

You also get a handy stats table that displays search data for each suggested tag. You’ll see the 12-month rolling averages of Etsy search volume, clicks, click-through rates, and Etsy competition. On the right side of the table, you’ll see a little Search Trend bar graph. This shows you 15 months of search volume history for each tag. All this makes it easy to see which should be good picks to enhance your Etsy listings.

Super easy to use!

Just come up with a short phrase that describes your product. Enter it in the box and click the orange “Submit” button.

In seconds, you’ll start to see ideas generated by eRank + OpenAI (the same software behind ChatGPT) for your listing’s title, description, and tags.

Here’s a sample response.

Like any of the options? Just click the “Copy” button to add it to your clipboard. Then, paste it in your draft Etsy listing. You can also click the gray star beside tag idea to add that term to one of your Keyword Lists. And, if you like, you can export the tag ideas as a CSV file for future reference.

Next step: edit!

Next, you will definitely want to edit Listing Helper’s ideas. Do this to ensure they suit your own unique voice. And follow Etsy best practices. Remember: search engines only show the first 50 to 60 characters of an Etsy listing title. Therefore, the first five or six words in your title should include what your product is. Shoppers may only see those words as they scroll through search results, so make them count! Lead with your “superstar” keyword.

Chances are you’ll see at least a few tag suggestions that…don’t quite belong. If you spot any that make no sense, it’s best to ignore them. Also, assess Listing Helper’s ideas for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Will they help your listing be found in search?

OpenAI is not an SEO expert (not yet, anyway). You will still need to research its suggestions. Luckily, eRank’s got oodles of tools for that!


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