The Secret to More Sales on Etsy? YouTube!

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Wondering how to get more sales on Etsy? Well, hello there! I’m Pam Duthie, and I’m an Etsy coach on YouTube. Recently I asked my subscribers if they had ever thought about becoming a YouTuber. 41% of them replied, “No way!” So today, I’m here to let you in on a secret. YouTube is actually quite an effective way to market your products. And also, why I think right now is the perfect time to start a YouTube channel. Therefore, those of you who want to learn how to sell more on Etsy, read on!

It’s the easiest way to rank on Google

Thinking of starting your own website at some point? Google is really difficult to rank on. That is, to show up anywhere in the first pages of Google search results. Even if what they’re searching for is exactly what you sell. This is the chief struggle for any micro business wanting to attract traffic to their own website.

The secret? YouTube is owned by Google. YouTube videos can even show up in a few different places in a Google search result page. As well as on the main page, they can also be:

  • under the image tab
  • in the dedicated videos carousel
  • in the snippets that answer questions
  • and under the videos tab

That’s a whole lot of places! No other marketing method offers so many options to get seen in a Google search – and it’s free!

You can become an authority in your craft

On YouTube, you stand out because you’re a personality and people want to buy from you. For most Etsy sellers, their target market doesn’t want mass-manufactured, mass-marketed product. They want something unique, often a special gift, something from an artisan. On YouTube, they can see you, a human, making the item, talking about your process, explaining your choices. Why you do what you do. You can bring the fine art / fine craft show experience right to them, without the crowds and distractions. YouTube offers a more intimate experience: it’s just you and the viewer. By the end, they feel as if they “know the artist.” This can even enhance trust, their confidence in purchasing from you – because you no longer seem like a stranger. And this leads to getting more sales on Etsy!

Opportunities to work with suppliers, collaborators, galleries, the media

It’s far from being just about getting more sales on Etsy though. When you become that authority associated with your unique brand, it can lead to insider opportunities. Say, receiving special offers from suppliers, e.g., to test some new material for free. It puts you on the radar of stockists and galleries. It increases the chance you might get spotted by journalists seeking people to feature. Or hear from influencers who want to collaborate. All because they see you as the right person to approach because you are the face of whatever craft it is that you make.

Another source of income

YouTube video tutorials can keep on making you money from adverts long after you’ve actually sold the item you created in the video. Especially now that YouTube is rolling out its new “YouTube Shorts” to over 100 countries. These are short-form videos meant to compete with TikTok, and it’s a brand-new way to get seen. A brand-new, exciting, visual way. (And your work’s visual, isn’t it?) As YouTube describes them: “Shorts is a new short-form video experience for creators and artists who want to shoot short, catchy videos using nothing but their mobile phones.” I’ll put a link to learning more about that major initiative at the end here under Resources.

These Shorts are also a great way for you to repurpose your listing videos. Having listing videos is great but how much time do you want to dedicate to something that only helps a bit with actually getting more sales on Etsy? Whereas, how much time would you be willing to invest in making listing videos if you could also use them elsewhere? Especially somewhere like YouTube where you could get thousands of views in an hour?

It’s creative, even inspiring!

Ever feel stuck? Out of ideas? Uninspired? As if you have the maker’s version of writer’s block? Take it from me: the best way through that is to switch things up. Working out your creative muscles in a wider variety of ways is always beneficial. The more creative avenues you have, the more creative ideas you’ll get.

Another benefit: your YouTube viewers will ask questions in the comments section. Queries like, “Do you ever make …?” will certainly help with your market- and new product research! And might even inspire your next bestseller.

And yet another benefit: YouTube demos allow you to make those creative “flights of fancy” pieces. Those quirky or avant garde one-offs. Things that otherwise you wouldn’t make because you know they aren’t likely to lead to more sales on Etsy. But still are what feed your artistic soul.

Products launched on YouTube can mean lots more sales on Etsy

And of course, YouTube is a fantastic platform for attracting eyeballs to a product launch. From makeup to video games, it’s common now for creators to debut their products through their following on their YouTube channels.

Some product launches follow a series of five or six videos that build up to the big reveal. For instance, they might begin with their inspiration for the item, its backstory. Next, one or two showing the creation process. Then maybe one on how they made their marketing choices, and then another about doing the photo shoot. In one notable case, interest was built to such a fever pitch that it actually crashed Shopify within minutes due to “extremely high shopping volumes” on launch day!

So, if you want more sales on Etsy, what’s stopping you?

YouTube is such an effective way to start getting yourself as a brand out there. So, what’s stopping you? Are you worried your video skills aren’t up to it? To paraphrase good old Voltaire, don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good! In other words, just do it! Your skills will improve. You can always remove your early efforts from your channel later on if you choose.

Is the thought of being seen on camera holding you back? You don’t need to show your face. You could do “top-down” tutorial videos showing just your hands. And if you don’t want to show your hands, that’s okay too. You can do still-photograph collages of your work instead. Really, there are so many options. Search YouTube for creators in your niche to get ideas. YouTube is too good of an opportunity to miss out on just because it seems a bit daunting. Remember: you can’t win if you don’t play – and having a YouTube channel really can be fun!

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Photograph of author Pam Duthie

Pam Duthie, Etsy Coach


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